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What to do if the seller delivered totally different thing than what I asked for?


What should I do if the seller delivered a totally different thing than what I asked for? and non of the requirements are met! and the deadline is finished.
I tried to cancel the order but the seller refuses it because he said he added “paid stuff” in it and I didn’t even mention to him to add that!

the delivered order still in review and if I didn’t accept it it will be accepted automatically tomorrow.

what to do in this case?
I submitted a ticket but maybe they will respond after the delivery is accepted.

any suggestions?


Hello @obaida_93

If the seller really provided a different thing than what you asked him, then don’t worry. Fiverr support team will help you.

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Don’t worry brother. Fiverr support will help you and you will get your full refund.

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but should i wait and the delvery will be accepted atuomaticly or should i request modification so i will have more time untill the support replay?

Hit the revision button. It won’t be mark as completed if you do so. Another three days will start counting.


It doesn’t matter to complete automatically. if no revision left contact with support. Support always do the justice. If you are not satisfy with the delivery then support will cancel it.
and it will better to discuss everting with your developer before placing order.


You can ask for revision.

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Thank you all! i asked for revision and will wait the support resonse.