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What to do if translation inadequate?


I’m at a loss. I have always been so happy with all my fiverr transactions, and this time not so much. The translation of my book came back very quickly and is basically close to unusable. It is mechanical and often choosing the wrong words or expressions, as if done by machine. What rights do I have? I basically have to go in and redo about half and translate it myself. Help please. Thank you.


Sorry to hear that this happened to you–people like those give translators a bad name!

Is it possible for you to cancel the order?


The first thing to do would be to request a revision from the seller explaining the problem and giving 1-2 examples - make sure to specify those are examples of many issues, and not the only issues.
Give them a chance to revise the work to an acceptable standard.
If they choose not to do this then go to Customer Support and ask them to cancel the order as the work received is not acceptable. If the translation is into English then it will be easier to show the problem to support.


It’s into German. :frowning: Yes, unacceptable. I basically have to redo everything. Sounds totally weird in many places. I hate making trouble for anyone, but it really does sound like google translate instead of being done by a human.


And yes, thank you will do!


Sorry to hear that and hopefully you can get it worked out.
If you need a translator, I can commend a regular on the Forum - just PM me and I will give you the name.


Thank you, I understand that it is not allowed to mention anything outside fiverr on fiverr, so I appreciate your offer, but I want to play by the rules.


I think at this point I will cut my losses and accept it pay and re-translate myself. It takes more energy to battle what is than to accept what is and move on. Thank you everyone!!!


Absolutely, what I mean is to just click my photo and click the message button so you can send me a private message


Thank you. At this point I will cut my losses, accept, pay, and re-translate myself. It takes too much energy to battle what is than to accept what is, and move on. Thank you!


Hi everyone, thank you. At this point I will cut my losses and accept, and pay. Then I’ll translate the book myself. It takes more energy to battle what is than to accept what is and move on. Thank you though. Good to know there are real people here!


So sorry to read this. It sounds like someone used an online translator or poor software instead of really being a human translator.

A tip for everyone: make sure to ask your potencial translator if they are native speakers of the language they are translating to. A lot of the translations I get to use as voice over scripts come right from Google Translator. Then the clients want me to translate it for free or record as is, delivering an inferior product because they don’t want to pay more.