What to do if you get a False Warning from Fiverr Team?


Dear Sellers

I’ve seen many Fiverr sellers getting frustrated regarding false warning or account penalties from Fiverr team. Many even left Fiverr for this very reason.

Let me offer a solution from my personal experience as a Fiverr seller.

We just qualified for Fiverr’s ‘Top Rated Seller’ level and suddenly got this warning

And it affected ‘Days without Warning’ status.

My entire team was very disappointed as they were working very hard on providing top-notch services to our Fiverr clients.

We took a deep breath and contacted Fiverr support

We requested politely to review our account as we were confident we didn’t violate any Fiverr TOS.

And Fiverr support team is that nice and genuine. Got the warning removed from our account.


  • Please understand that with exponentially growing Fiverr community, it’s a really difficult job for Fiverr team to keep the platform safe for buyers and sellers both.
  • And mistakes from their end is very natural.
  • What we sellers should do is to reach out to them when we face some issue
  • And communicate professionally and politely why should they reconsider their actions taken related to our accounts

I just wanted to share my experience with Fiverr support and share some tips so that you can overcome similar hiccups in your Fiverr journey as a Seller.

I’d love to know your experience with Fiverr Support

  • Great
  • Okay
  • Terrible

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Take Care


Thanks for sharing your real life experience with us. INowadays, it can be happened due to more traffic in the Fiverr community. Then we can politely defense this situation with Fiverr support team.

But as a seller of Fiverr, we should carefully read their TOS and try to understand what they have told. Finally, we need to follow and maintain their terms and conditions.

Maybe you will agree with me that most of the Fiverr sellers have not read the Fiverr terms and conditions for a single time. They never look upon their TOS. That’s why we are facing this violence problem. Hopefully, all the sellers will keep the TOS in their mind.


Congratulations. It shows what an impressively well written communication can do.


Hi, Sourav!

Kudos :ok_hand:t4:

This clearly shows that having a calm demeanor, polite, concise and professional communication are the key ingredients to getting issues solved. Of course, sometimes it will not be in the person’s favor but still, professionalism goes hand in hand. Barking at CS like a :dog2: demanding sh!t get done is a deal-breaker. They will not feel compelled to help at all!

My overall experience with CS has been exceptional.
Some things were ruled in my favor others not so much. Which is coolio, can’t win them all!


Totally agree with you. Most casual sellers are not at all aware of TOS and keep complaining. That’s of no use.


No wonder ‘copywriting’ & ‘people skill’ are in high demand :slightly_smiling_face:


Same experience here. Had to accept some unfavourable verdicts and move on. But that’s how life is, right?