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What To Do If You Get a Negative Review?

Hey guys, I always do my best but you know sometimes some buyers are very hard to deal with…

It never happened to me but what to do if worst case scenario a Buyer will give me a negative review so 1 star even if the buyer said “good job”?

Will I stop getting orders on Fiverr? How can you deal with it?

Can you contact Fiverr and ask them to investigate and remove the 1 star review?

Or just refund the buyer and ask them to not leave any negative review?

Thank you so much for your help!


Neither. You are not allowed to ask for reviews, or for reviews to be changed, or to refund the buyer in exchange for having the review removed which wouldn’t work anyways, the review stays even if the buyer cancels the order through CS after completion.

The buyer - according to the TOS- has the right to review the seller according to the experience they’ve made. I think in some cases if the buyer is actually lying in the review, you can ask CS to have the review removed but this is always a bit of a tricky subject, they will probably also quote the TOS on it.

I would leave it at that and move on, though you can respond to any review you receive which will be shown on your profile but the buyer doesn’t actually see it unless they go to your profile. You could respond mentioning that the client was difficult to deal with or something along the lines.

A 1 star review would always affect your ratings, may or may not lead to your ranking dropping and possibly can also decrease the number of requests / orders you receive temporarily. If you have still have the choice to do something about it, I’m not saying I would recommend it necessarily, but you could cancel the order before delivering so the buyer gets a refund and can’t write a negative review to begin with. But then you also don’t get paid and your order completion rate drops a bit.


Here is some information I got from CS.


I wish them well. I authorise them to use whatever I sent. I get on with my life. They are not worth any emotion.


Exactly. As Jenny from CS said, learn from the bad review and move on. I’ve been here for more than 6 years, at first it hurt me to see a bad review, but now I know you just can’t please everyone. I have pretty low price points, and some people still expect the world for $5. When that happens, just move on.