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What to do if you get an order that you can't do?

Example, if someone instantly buys an order, asking you for something that you can’t technically do, how we can cancel the order without getting our rank down?

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If it’s not something you offer in the gig you could let CS know that and see if they can cancel it without it affecting your stats.

If it’s related to your gig you could look online to see if there’s a way to do it.

Thanks for the fast answer. In my gig I do specify what can and can’t be done, how can I act if the buyer doesn’t want do cancel the order stating that he doesn’t want get his rating affected? Then starts to argue against me calling a fake seller and getting more and more upset? I’ve contacted the seller help center

Buyers don’t have a rating that is affected by things they buy and then cancel (and it’s not possible to leave a rating for a buyer if the order they buy is cancelled normally - unless possibly if the order was cancelled through a charge-back). Cancellations can only affect a seller’s rating (the person who received the order). Technically Fiverr probably keeps track of the number of cancellations a buyer does to see if they do too many though.

Or maybe he’s also a seller (and re-seller) and outsourcing to you because of an order he received and that’s why he’s worried about his rating? But still you can let him know about everything/all conditions that are described in the gig.

So just let the buyer know it won’t affect their rating (if they’re a buyer only). You could also let them know that what you do/don’t do in the gig is described in the gig description and any conditions on it. Maybe the calling you a fake seller could be reported. But CS well help since you’ve already contacted them too.

Cancelling the order is probably best now that the buyer is acting like that (and cancelling through CS is probably best like I think you’re doing).

Thanks agains for your answer. Now the buyer has requested an order dispute with reason: fake seller

What do you think it’s better to do? Accept or wait for the support intervention?

I’d just wait for CS as they’re the most likely to be able to cancel it without it affecting you’re stats if you ask them (and let them know the buyer asked for something you don’t offer in the gig). Accepting their dispute would also be like accepting their reason. You could report posts of theirs where there’s reason to eg. if it seems against the TOS.


Thank you so much, we’ll see what happens now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you share a screenshot of thiis without the buyer username?

‘Fake seller,’ seems like an odd option to give buyers.

You can cancel by using the resolution center and there is a reason there you can choose saying you can’t do the job. Send that to the buyer with the cancellation request. That’s the easiest way.

Or if the buyer has done that with the reason he put saying “fake seller” just accept the cancellation request. They have the option to put anything they want.

Yeah sorry i meant the comment he did wrote on the request. The reason is: The seller is not qualified to do the work I requested

, wich is right.

Then just accept the cancellation request.

Won’t that affect completion rate though? And isn’t there a chance it won’t if CS cancels it (because the buyer asked for something not offered in the gig)?

I don’t know, haven’t had that happen. I hope the OP lets us know what happened.

It might be that some of those reasons do not affect the stats. I’m not sure of that, or which ones.

Hey all, thanks for your support. At the end he was spamming me telling to accept the request, and as the support didn’t showed up and wanted to close that thing once for all I accepted. Now my completion rate dropped based on my total completion %, but I don’t see any other stat affected.
Btw fiverr should add an Accept or Deny panel, so these problems wont happen

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