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What to do if you want to get a new order

I worked on Fiverr 2017, at that time I was a seller 1, but I had an IP problem due to changing my computer,
So my ID was disabled, I haven’t worked since then, now I want to work again so I opened a new account and opened three gigs.
If I search by typing my keyword, my gigs show the first page. If you share tips on how I can get an order in this new gig, it will be useful.

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You previously had a level one sellers account, I suggest you do the same thing you have done in the past. There’s tons of info on the forum as well. Take a few days to do a little research.

I’m trying so
Now fiverr Open has been updated so I wanted to know some new information to order

First of all I would like to suggest you to complete your seven gigs, if possible.
Stay online as much as you can.
Share you gig or promote your self on Social media platforms.
Send buyer request daily (You may not have buyer requests all the time but keep checking after some time and send as much as you)
Meanwhile, keep learning new things.

As you had been a level one seller, so you already know most of the things about fiverr. Best of luck!
Many thanks!

You have given many good suggestions
Thank you very much

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