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What To Do If Your Fiverr Account Gets Hacked

I recently had the most unfortunate experience where my online accounts got hacked, including my fiverr. It’s hard to tell which was the primary target, but my greatest lost was with fiverr. The perpetrator had changed a lot without me even realizing it, as he had also closed down my yahoo mail account.

I realized that the email on my account was changed, a payoneer card added, and also paypal email was changed. None of these notifications came to me, so I was very unaware of the changes. It was through a careful look at all the elements of my account did I realize that something was amiss.

The next step would be to contact fiverr. I also did a google search to see if I could get any tips on what to do, but came up blank…just a bunch of people with similar experiences who had closed their accounts and moved on. My attempts to contact fiverr was futile, as the support form asked for details about the account which would have been changed, and any reply would be going to the hackers email. I subsequently deactivated my account, will all intention to move forward and never look back. I had lost over $200.

The Steps That Did Work

Thankfully, I had some very smart friends who made a really good suggestion. I used one of my other email addresses and open a new fiverr account. From this account, I sent a message to fiverr support outlining what had happened. They sent me a list of things I needed to send to submit to verify that I was indeed the owner of the hacked account. Once I submitted this information, they started the recovery process changing the email logging, paypal info, etc and all was recovered, except the stolen money. They even restored all the gigs that the hacker had deleted from my account.

I was very pleased with fiverr’s response to this issue, and hope this will help others in a similar situation. If you know this, you will also be able to stop the hacker on the same day your account is compromised.

I will keep the other account info, just in case I ever need it again in the future. In essence, you probably need to create another basic account with fiverr with another email address that you can use in case of such emergency.


Most of this is good and may help those in similar situations. The one part to use caution on is the last part.

Fiverr ToS forbids users from having more than one active Fiverr account and they take it serious. Many a user has created an extra without reading ToS and ended up losing all accounts. I am sure that Support was lenient in your case since you had proof of a hack on your original account. I would not suggest that any user create a second basic account in advance without written permission.

There are ways around the issue. If a friend already has an account of their own, you could agree to help each other out with support tickets.

Another option is to have a family member in your household contact Customer Support and ask for permission to open their own account. As long as the family member doesn’t connect a payment account or connects only their own unique payment account, Fiverr will typically OK that account. (If the person also sells or buys they should not sell the same gig types as you or buy gigs from you.) So, keep those things in mind and check with CS if you are contemplating opening accounts in preparation for a potential problem.


Infact just couple of months back i had a similar experience… My Fiverr Account was hacked and the Hacker Deleted all my gigs.

Infact he also placed in a Buyers Request saying “i will hack your Facebook or Gmail account”…(i guess he was trying to buy gigs or let someone quote and buy from my account using FIverr Credit- using my account)

He also tried to change my Paypal n Payoneer Account details…
as i usually log into Fiverr everyday and i also have the FIVERR APP…
So i keep checking my account every hour… I noticed something suspicious and he also deleted all my messages in the inbox :frowning:

I wrote Fiverr Support they helped me restore my account :slight_smile:

But i guess we all need to be prepared for such incidents and we should keep changing our password regularly…


Fiverr team is very good and they people are very nice :slight_smile:

I’m facing this same problem, it just happened yesteday with me :disappointed:
Now I have contact with fiverr support team lets see what help they can do for me.


I’m facing this same problem, it just happened few days ago. … i contact in support they help me and get back mu account

I feel too much sorry for such heart broken situation, But the response of Fiverr was mind blowing. Be aware about hacking,
If you notice that sometime your cursor start moving automatically and your touch pad or mice is not working at all.
ant you can see automatically opening browser visiting your accounts.
Do not watch like child, just plug out your PC or both power adapter and batteries from your laptop.
May be it will work trust me.

We need to keep in mind that pirated app, crack, patch is very dangerous for our device.

Stay Safe,
And thank you so much for rising awareness.

I have been hacked and the hacker ordered 6 thousand dollars worth to one seller which I presume is himself. Sounds like I am screwed. Fiverr support must only be working part time, been 2 days now since I opened my ticket to report this.

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