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What to do next for my Web Store

Hello All.

I hope this is the right category for talking about my Web Store.

My Web Store is about to launch within 2 weeks. I would like to know what kind of services I would need in order to:

  • spread the word about my store
  • get a lot of customers to visit it (and hopefully buy products)
  • how to do customized marketing campaigns (for my niche)
  • etc.

As this is my very first Web Store and also my first presence on Internet, I have no clue
about how to get my site known out there.

Could someone help me out to find the best approach (and services) to do that ?

Thanks a lot.


it really depends on your own preferences and how your site is set up. There are some side categories that might or might not be applicable. If you want business cards or flyers those would be in their own categories. If your store will have a blog page to help you market, you may want article writers. if you plan to make funny videos that you can use as commercials/viral videos there are categories for that. If you need the words on your site rewritten by a business writing expert you might want a copywriter.

Most of the things you specifically mentioned are related to the marketing categories. Go look around at Digital Marketing and perhaps Branding Services to help make your brand strong and interesting.

If you are starting out with your store and it’s your first business, maybe you don’t know what you want to do. Then you could just hire a consultant or have a business plan written.

That’s about all I can think of that you’d get for free on the forum. Sellers cannot market their own gigs in this forum category, so mostly you just need to go look at the main page.

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Hello !

You’re right.
As my first (ever) experience online, I have absolute no clue about what I should do first.
Looking at the main page on Fiverr, I get all these options:

Social Media Marketing / SEO / Content Marketing / Video Marketing
Email Marketing / Search & Display Marketing / Marketing Strategy
Web Analytics / Influencer Marketing / Local Listings / Domain Research
E-Commerce Marketing / Mobile Advertising / Music Promotion / Web Traffic

And I sincerely don’t know what to choose.

Maybe Web Traffic ? Social Media Marketing ?

I dunno. What would be the best choice for getting my web store known to users and
potential customers.

difficult to know.

I can’t really answer that for you. They all have merits. Perhaps it would be good to try Business Tips and look for someone who offers advice/consulting about how to get a new business going. The other option would be to look in the E-Commerce category since that’s what you are doing. You might find someone there offering personalized advice.

Thanks a lot.
You really helped. I guess eCommerce would be a better fit for me at this stage.



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