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What to do once you are a Level 1 seller?

In 10:ish days it seems I will become a Level 1 seller (I have met all requirements, except the 60 days as a seller one - I am kind of new to the site).

I am wondering if there are any “must do:s” once I reach Level 1? Should I up my gig price? Should I add more gigs (I only have one at the moment). I am new to this, so any advice is welcome!


Do the same things you did to earn Level 1. Everything you need to advance in seller levels is clearly noted on your Analytics page. Whether you want to raise your prices is up to you. Doing so, however, does not guarantee more success. The only way to build success is to understand what your target customers need, and find ways to provide it to them via the services you offer.


Thanks for the advice! I guess i could just keep doing what I’ve done so far. I might look into making more gigs, though, as the service I am offering right now is kind of limited.

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It will be more then 10 days.

There are things called evaluation periods which are on the 14th or 15th day of every month.

Considering you’ve filled all of the requirements, you should become a level 1 next evaluation date on July 14-15th.

*June 14/15 :slight_smile:

He’s going to miss that evaluation because he still has 10 days to go