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What to do to buyer order me

hi I am new Fiverr
I wanted to know why I can’t find any work my gig is all ok writing perfect but why I cant buyer order me

All of the services you offer have intense competition. You’re not going to “find any work”, unless you out-compete your thousands of competitors. Fiverr does not guarantee that anyone will have orders, just because they want them. What steps are you taking to find your work (and posting/spamming your links on social media doesn’t count)?


i will do share and aslo buyer request
please told me what should i do

I am not going to tell you how to be better than YOUR competition. You are a freelancer. Learning how to understand and overcome your specific competition is your responsibility. Study your competition, and find ways to offer a better service than they do. Find unique ways – that your competition is not already doing – to be better at capturing the attention of your target customers.


thanks for suggest me sir

You could maybe adjust the business card gig. eg. it says you’ll design 4 business cards in 7 hours, but all of the packages are at least 2 days delivery. I can’t see a package that offers to design 4 business cards either (or in 7 hours). Also the title says “… 4 different card” instead of “… 4 different cards”.

edit: Or maybe the time thing is because you’ve got an extra - the FAQ says “If you need 24h then you add gig extra” - though you say 7 hours in the title, not 24 and if it’s in the title maybe it should be within 7 or 24 hours as standard.


thanks please suggest me what title i edit

The one that says “I will do unique business card design 4 different card within 7 hr”.

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okk you can suggest me what i title in that business card that better

I said that above - that if you’re going to put “4 different card” you could change that bit to “4 different cards”. Maybe there should be a comma or something before that if that bit is kept. My main point though was that the title probably shouldn’t say “within 7 hr” (or 7 hrs)" if the gig doesn’t offer that (except with an extra - which offers 24 hour delivery).

Maybe remove or change the “within 7 hr” bit of the title. But that’s just my suggestion. eg. because unless they buy the extra they could buy the “…within 7 hours” gig and only get it within 2 or 3 days and think they didn’t get what they paid for.

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okk thnaks u very musch sir i chenged now

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Also all the gig images in your background removal gig say “Befor” instead of “Before”.

please chake my another gig is okk or not

okk i will changed it

The title in the business card gig seems about right. It says:
“I will do unique business card design 4 different card” - it still says “card” at the end, whereas if you’re talking about multiple cards it should say “cards” instead. Maybe there should be something before “4 different…” too (like a comma or whatever makes it read better).

Also which package gets them a design with 4 different cards? It doesn’t seem to match any of the package descriptions.

Sellers who claim their gigs are perfect are always the ones who fail.

They are too blind, proud or just no good at business to recognise their mistakes.

You say your ‘gig is all ok writing perfect’. I’m telling you that your gigs (plural) contain many mistakes. As does your short sentence.

Let’s take your “Do background removal” gig as an example.

In the description your ‘small package’ states it is for 1 image with a 1 day delivery, and yet the pricing box states the ‘small package’ is for 10 images with a 2 day delivery.

Your ‘medium package’ description states 2 images and 2 day delivery, but then also states it’s for 20 images with a 3 day delivery.

Your ‘pro package’ states 5 images and 4 day delivery, but then also states 30 images and 5 day delivery.

Nothing makes any sense. It is all very confusing and contradictory.

This is one reason why you haven’t got any orders.

Another reason will be the fact that you’re trying to sell in some of the most highly competitive sectors on Fiverr.

And yet another reason will be that your English contains mistakes.

In business unless you get the basics right, you are never going to succeed.