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What to do to get top seller badge( A fiverr rockstar)?


hello there.
i am musicia , i do social media marketing on there and i am a level two seller right now.
my topic is below :
i know that fiverr top rated seller is picked by fiverr editors but still i am curious to know what or which are the signs for know myself that i am going to be a top rated seller?
or what is the niche of a fiverr account to be a top rated seller?
I hope i will get my answer perfectly from all of you who are the expert of fiverr.
thanks in advance.


Nobody knows… :rofl::rofl:


Fiverr Top Rated Sellers are hand pick by fiverr editor team. but as far i know you must have low cancellation rate and provide your buyer the best experience you’ll definitely promoted to top rated seller.


You can tell when you deserve to be a Top Rated Seller.

You will be getting tons of orders, delivering every one of them on time, have great reviews, and you will know you are better than most in your category. I was like this for over two years before I was chosen to be a Top Rated Seller.

You will be able to tell. It will be obvious when you deserve to be one. You know when you are doing better than others.


Thank you dear.are you top rated?


Thank you so very much


I think it depends on luck


Yes I am. That’s why I answered as if I was one and said I am one. Also, calling people dear is not something that is appreciated by most here.
It’s not luck. It’s being the best.


will you please check my account and say me that do i have a chance or not right now?


You have been here 6 months and have 56 reviews so no you are not going to be a TRS yet.

I was here about three years and had at least two thousand reviews, all 5 stars, before I become one.


thank you so very much for visiting my account.
you are a busy person but still you kept my words.thank you really from heart.


is it depends on earnings or reviews
i am a mobile developer and my each order has 3000$ worth so in order to get thousands reviews it will take to me 100 years still i have 62 reviews
can you suggest me when can i be top rated?


I’m not the one who decides who gets to be one so all I can do is tell what happened when I became one. It took a long time for me. And as I said I knew I deserved it.


ok thank you mam i hope i ll become soon top rated as in my mobile apps field my gig is top rated above to all of them


i also hear for top rated is it necessary to be active over fiverr forum also ? is it necessary part?


No it’s not necessary. I never was on the forum before becoming one.


oh ok then what does mean by Community leadership by them?


I don’t know. No idea.

I was a leader in my category as far as being great at what I do and there really wasn’t any comparison to others as far as I could see. So it might mean that you are obviously the best, or stand out as being at the very top.


You really deserve to be a fiverr rockstar.
so much intellectual you are


Thank you so much for such a nice complement. :heart: