What to do to increase again my work


Before I had up to 15 works per day and now I can’t have two. Can you please help me what to do to increase again my work.


You have two same gigs on offer. The other is more expensive. As a buyer, I would think that you do not do your best at that cheaper gig.

Therefore I would turn to someone else.


Marketing and promoting your gig (wherever your target customers are located) might help.


The second gig i have 2 weks and my work have 2 mouth in decries.
Thank you


Hi Jonbaas i promote my gig every day in social media and google.
I have many days that i have decreased my prices . Can you suggest me something more detailed
Thank you


I do not know who your target customers are – only YOU know that. And, since marketing is specific to the target customers that you want to reach out to, how you choose to market and promote your gigs (and where you market and promote them), is up to you. Take some time to research your market, analyze your goals, read the great tips already posted on these forums, and research additional topics online.

Your gigs are a business. If you wish to be successful, YOU need to think like a businessman.