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What to Do -Web Hosting, Design & Development?

Hi all,
I am not very familiar with all the website hosting subject matter etc. I manage a Holiday Rental business. I created a website on and arranged to get some web pages custom designed in my own colours and fonts but did not realise (and neither did the designer) that I would not be able to use these on Sitebuilder.
I am not happy with Sitebuilder (I paid $80.00 for one year in November and they have refused to give me a refund) and have decided to change my website hosting platform and am wondering which is the best for this. I want to use my own colours and fonts, I want to create an About page, a History Page and begin a regular blog. I also want to develop the capacity to take online payments.
I have been told WIX or Siteground (which is Wordpress based) will do what I want but I am afraid to pay for a 12 month subscription and then find it will not do the job.
Can anyone on her advise me please.

Um, it’s against the forum rules to make duplicate threads.

Hi MoiraGums!

I don’t think you can go wrong with either Wix or WordPress for what you’re trying to do. If you do go with WordPress, there are other hosting options besides Siteground; which one is best for you depends on your budget and your business’s needs.

This isn’t really the pace to get such technical advice.

If you are not very technical yourself then my advice would be (hosting with them) where you either go with a free plan with some (tacky) adverts or look into a business plan that lets you do more stuff (that may or may not suit your needs).

Keep it simple. Most people come unstuck when they think the application of more layers of technology is the solution every problem they encounter (often a problem created by the assumption that technology is the only way to do at thing or from laziness).

WordPress is so well known that if you do need a hand there are plenty of experienced people (but not at $5).


Hi there,
I have cancelled this order and I am starting again from scratch. That’s why I asked for the advice.

Thank you for your advice. I will go with Wordpress and I did not expect to pay $5.00. I put out a buyer request for what I required and accepted the quote I was given for $120.00. The problem was I thought the designer was an expert but she didn’t know her designs would not work.

The order has been cancelled and I will not be using her designs. I am not unfair and will give her half the fee but this has delayed the creation of my website since 8 December and I want to get it right this time.


Thanks for the advice I will go with Siteground on Wordpress. Siteground is Australian and their servers are here so I will go with them.