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What to do when a buyer asks you randomly to send several demos on MP3?

I have gotten a few buyer requests from random buyers that want me to send them loose MP3’s for their files to have for future jobs with their clients…somehow I don’t trust this…does anyone have expereince with this? that another person has opened up a fiverr account with your voice? It would not even occur to me until last week a buyer ask me if I could send some of my pictures!!! Of course I didn’t and did not give the buyer any permission or right to use my image! That is when my eyes opened! So I have sent random samples to buyers in the past but I am reluctant to do that now. Any feedback, suggestions, experiences ?? It would be great to hear since this is all relatively new to me. Thank you! or maybe to help warn others!!

Basically, your buyer wants to be able to showcase your samples on his or her website to appeal to their buyers, but they don’t want to pay you for the trouble.

You don’t get any benefit from this. You are just giving away free marketing material. The person messaging you will be messaging several other sellers. Some will provide samples, some won’t. This gives your buyer a nice range of talent to showcase.

Sadly, even when they get orders, they are not likely to outsource these back to the sellers who gave them samples in the first place. Why? Because they’re cheap. They’ll go for the lowest priced seller they can find, or ask a seller to provide what they need as a free ‘test’ project.

Steer clear of such people. All they do is constantly attempt to farm free work, using promises of "I’ve got lots of work for you if this works out," as fertilizer.

If this person was worth working with, they would offer to pay for samples. It’s as simple as that, really. :wink:


Yes smoothoperator1, it has happened to me. I write back saying that my Fiverr prices are already rock bottom and demo’s is not something I provide. Have a great day!

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I’ve had many people ask me that and I simply send the samples I have on my gig as mp3. I see no harm in it. Even if they did use them to set up a fake profile, first, their first client would realize it was not the same voice, second you can always report them and CS can confirm you published them first.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: and I’ve had orders from them after that, so I do believe sometimes they do need the mp3 to send to their clients, instead of linking them to Fiverr.

Thanks this really helps! I appreciate you taking the time to write this! high five!

Thanks for this! you are right! we offer great prices as it is for our talent! right on!

hmmmm food for thought! thanks!!