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What to do when a buyer does not leave a review?

HI. I’ve complete two gigs, both before they were due. The buyer on the second gig has not left a review or comment. Is this common? Does Fiverr encourage buyers to leave a review?

Thanks for your help.

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hi @cjskye me too :joy::joy: i have the same problem.
yes fiverr encourage theme to post a review but sometimes they don’t do that will cause no problem to you but its better to have reviews, they help to be trusted seller.
if you want to push that second buyer to give a review you should just go and ask him if he is happy with your work and he will say yes and you will ask his is it hard if i asked you for a review and he will say yes another time :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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Fiverr does encourage buyers to leave a review but it is up to the buyer as to whether they want to leave a review or not.

If they decide not to leave a review that is their prerogative so you just have to accept that.

You will find more in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I am a buyer and a seller and here is my take on reviews. Sometimes I may be too busy. :woozy_face:

Or I may not want to leave a review because if I did it would not be a good one. :zipper_mouth_face: so I am giving the seller a break by not leaving a review.

Also, every seller should know that Fiverr gives the buyer two chances in the order completion process to post a review. :wink: Sometimes Fiverr even e-mails buyers reminding them to review the work a seller did. :mailbox_with_mail:

Some sellers get 85% of their orders reviewed, however, many sellers get down to 50% of their orders reviewed. I know reviews mean a lot to new sellers, but not getting a review is just the way the :cookie: crumbles. :nerd_face:


Just respect their wish for not rating the order.