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What to do when a buyer don't answer?


Hello, I am sure you had this problem any time.

I always have this problem of buyers that don’t answer and deliver time is finishing…

I always cancel this kind of orders when the buyers don’t answer.

Because sometimes when they back and instead of answer you they leave a bad feedback without a reason.

But I am really bored of cancel this kind of orders! this is negative for my profile. what I have in my profile a 30% rate of orders cancel when is the fault of the buyer and not me?

Can anyone give me any suggestion of what to do?

Currently I have 3 orders finishing and the buyers don’t answer me since 4 days ago… I sent messages

but they don’t answer yet :(:frowning:

What is your experience?


We have conversations in the order. but they dissapear and never back to answer me…

in this situation I never know what to do because I don’t like deliver my work without the aprobation.

So for this reason i wanted know the experience of other sellers.

by the way I am not new on fiverr…

Thanks for your answer


If buyers are having conversations on the order page, perhaps put up more information on your gig or a small FAQ. You can also tell them to write to you before buying if they have any questions so they shouldn’t place an order unless you can start work straight away.

You can also add an extra delivery day to your Gig as a “buffer” day, I have this on all of mine and it also comes in handy if someone requests a modification, I don’t leave anything until the last minute.

If they are buying your gig and they haven’t provided you all the information to get started (but they’ve written under the instructions), send them a gentle reminder that you’ll need information within the next 24 hours or the order will be cancelled, this normally speeds them up :wink: Or you can give them a reminder each day (depending how long your delivery days are)