What to do when a buyer orders wrong gig?


Hi y’all

I am stuck with an unusual situation: so, I offer 3 gigs; 1 is for voice over up to 1 minute for $5. Another is for video spokesperson up to 15 seconds for $5 and another for testimonials.

Now the funny and frustrating part. This buyer orders my voice over gig for $5, sends a text up to 1.40 minutes and demands that I make a video with even some features that are additional.

I explained once to the buyer that it would have to cancel this gig and order the right one with the extras. Buyer didn’t agree. I asked again…and nothing…I tried to use the resolution center (which by the way is useless for this…as if the problem is only caused by the seller), but the buyer didn’t want to cancel and continued to demand the work done (video).

So last solution, I recorded the voice over according to the text she or he sent (because the gig ordered is voice over) and I delivered the work. Of course, got an immediate response, and not nice, demanding the now infamous video…

So what to do under these circumstances?? Any idea? And why there is no other options on the un-resolution center?

Much appreciated for any comments


As with any business owner, the customer is always right. Try not to stress to hard on this one situation. Go ahead and give him what he wants. In the long run, a positive review is much better than a cancelled gig. When you deliver the work let him know that you want make extra sure he is satisfied with it, apologize for any confusion, and let him know that you are happy to work with him in the future. Sometimes these situations arise, and you just have to do your best to please every customer. It could mean you lose a few dollars, but having awesome customer service is part of selling gigs! The chances of being repeatedly ripped off by buyers is very unlikely so don’t worry about that.



Only 2 choices. Do it and move on. Force a cancel and move on.

Doing it may result in a good review. It may also result in the Buyer coming back again and demanding the same service.

Forcing the cancel will be a ding against you which is tough this early in the game, but it will show the Buyer that you can’t be manipulated or bullied.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


If the buyer is being threatening in any way (it sounds like she is), contact Customer Support. Explain that the buyer ordered the wrong gig and demanded extras without paying for them, refused to cancel, and is now being argumentative, even though you delivered what the gig promised.

HOPEFULLY, they will provide the needed assistance and not just tell you to "Work it out with the buyer."

If they are willing to help, they will probably just cancel the order, which may count against you (not sure), but it’s better than negative feedback!


I have a somewhat related type of complaint. I have a statement on all of my gigs that Buyers should not place a formal order until they discuss the potential task with me (Seller) first. We need to both understand the parameters of the task, I need to determine whether it is a task I can competently perform, and we need to agree on a price. I also have length restrictions on my gigs, because some people expect you to work for 20 hours for $5, or really $4.

In my most recent situation, the buyer appears to have purposefully ignored my written request to contact me before hand to arrive at some mutually acceptable terms. Then when I told him or her that I just had surgery and could not deliver at this time, he refused to unilaterally cancel on his end. I told him repeatedly that I had been unfairly penalized in the past because of the same order before discussion situation, and he acts like I am the one in the wrong. I brought this up to the Customer Service person twice before when this occurred, and nothing was done per Fiverr policy. I still do not understand why I should be penalized and have the cancellations count against my satisfaction index when someone else failed to do something properly. It doesn’t make any sense.




I hope you are okay.

If you had surgery and could not deliver, you really should have suspended your gig. You can’t fault a Buyer for ordering a live gig, only to find out YOU can’t deliver.

Buyers don’t care (and they don’t need to know) a Seller’s problems whether physical, mental or any other obstacle such as being “unfairly penalized”.

Requesting that Buyers contact you first is great, I support and use that myself, but when a Buyer doesn’t contact me first, I do the job to the best of my abilities and say thank you.

I don’t see how you, me or anyone can blame a Buyer for buying a live gig. After all that’s why we’re here.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

voiceoverwork said: Only 2 choices. Do it and move on. Force a cancel and move on.

Please note that my first choice is "Do it and move on." :)


Thank you all for your help and comments.

The cruel reality is that there is no seller protection whatsoever, in my case, buyer not only orders wrong gig but also without purchasing clearly stated extras for that particular job…and refused to do so. My solution (and only one without having to cancel…thus negatively impacting my ratings) was to do all for $5…however…until now buyer didn’t even care to mark as complete.

On a different issue, and also widely commented on other posts…is the infamous “sorry i ordered by mistake…please cancel”…got 2 of these before even realize it would also impact my cancellation ratio.

In conclusion, I decided to not accept any cancellation unless I did something wrong. I will deliver even “orders by ,mistake”.

Thank you all