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What to do when a Buyer wants to be vindictive and Falsely reports your account and you get banned?


What can a Seller do, other than wait 24 to 48 hours for Customer Service to lift an Unjustified ban on my account, due to a vindictive Buyer (who happens to be a Seller earning at minimum 15 times more than she’s offering to pay for my service) ?

I had politely informed a Buyer of my gig fees, after already providing her with 3 EXCEPTIONAL discounts, but this time I just did not have the time, I had Buyers willing to pay my normal fees. She got really nasty, and the next thing I knew, I could no longer respond to Buyers (willing to pay my normal fees) !

I had already explained to this disgruntle Buyer that I cannot continue providing her such deep discounts because I use my Fiverr earnings to pay for my son’s Speech Therapy that goes for $120 USD/30 minutes ! That did not matter to this Buyer (who is receiving at least 15 times the amount she’s EXPECTING me to take to do my VO for her!

Now all I can do is sit and wait for Customer Service to lift this ban that was put their for vindictive and harassing reasons ? There is something seriously wrong with Buyers/Sellers that do this intentionally to hurt other Sellers for no other reason than greed.


Your account seems normal to me?

You should stop offering discounts–they attract a certain kind of person, as you’ve discovered, and it makes little difference how much they’re earning… and those discounts do, in part, make it harder for you to provide for your son’s speech therapy.


Echoing what @emmaki stated above, you need to stand your ground with your prices and give off the expression “Take it or Leave it”.

Because that is how you can deduce good buyers, if they think you are worth it, they are worth to you as well. :+1:


I agree with all that you said, yet at the same time, this is only ONE person that has done this. Grant it, I’ve only been on Fiverr since end of June, but this is the first Buyer to behave so like this. I’ve had conversations with, and one I did have to report, but the others, more often than not, turned into regular (weekly !) buyers, and a couple others just moved on, end of story. I guess what it comes down to is, either taking your advice and say Sorry, good bye, or expect that this kind of behaviour will take place. It just seems that Fiverr can find another system for this. Or perhaps they do, and don’t advertise it. Either way, a LOT of money was lost (for Fiverr as well - my commissions) and all because of a greedy, unprofessional individual.


Yes. I agree. It was a slow day - I was bored - so I made an offer. But I have stopped making offers like that. Sticking to reasonable from now on. :wink:


Seems like somebody is doing this to me… I just got a strike on my account and the warning was a canned message.
I had to send a ticket and was told " You cannot inform a buyer to not reject an order to prevent the order from becoming late as this is not allowed."

The only problem is … I didnt do that… Or at least , the buyer is completely in the know. I’ve only got one “late” order but its not really late between me and the buyer… so I’m wondering if fiverr’s sytem is auto-flagging for new reasons now?? Which would really piss me off… or if someone is somehow reporting me somehow … in which case , I could only speculate who at this point…


Agree with @emmaki

But Sometime we get irritated buyers, but still we’ll have to keep calm… because we can’t expect good buyers everytime … :slight_smile:

And if Buyers are there then we are there…


If you use a bad word on a buyer they can report that and you won’t be allowed to use your inbox for a while.

Someone buys your voiceovers and resells them?


Not sure what fully happened there, but there is actually a way to extend your delivery time if your buyer allows it :slight_smile:

In the ‘resolve now’ section, you’ll be able to find that option.

Hope that helps !


Thanks , I figured it out though. Well … sort of.


@wordandrecord and @videostore I think wordandrecord is right about this. I haven’t seen a screen shot or received anything myself proving that CS condoned late and empty deliveries, but I used to see people write on the forum that CS had OK’d the practice. I don’t think they do that anymore but not everyone is aware of the shift.

Ever since Fiverr created the option to request more time, it seems like they’ve become gradually tougher on those who either just deliver late or delivery empty even if the buyer is OK with it. I think Fiverr really wants to discourage lateness in the first place but to give an option for emergencies. I imagine they would continue that trend and eventually come down very hard on those who aren’t realistic with delivery time. By the way, I’m not saying you are regularly late or unrealistic @videostore, I don’t have a reason to think so, I just suspect that we’ll continue to see a trend that will lead to better profiles and gig offerings. :slight_smile:


@cocoloavoartist Your best option is probably just to communication with potentially problem buyers as little as possible. If you see some red flags right away, just politely decline the job and after that don’t engage in more conversation. If you get a potential buyer that seems pushy and you keep communicating with them, the risk becomes higher than you’ll write something that the buyer/CS perceives as unprofessional. Sometimes it’s not intended that way and is just personality or language barriers, but if a buyer clicks report and a CS rep reads your “tone” badly, you can lose access to messaging.

If you write to CS and are super nice them, they usually realize that you didn’t mean to sound that way and they remove the block quickly. Sometimes they even realize the other user was being vindictive. The hardest part is knowing when to just say “No thanks, have a great day!” and stop writing no matter how much the other person tries to get you to respond. If you didn’t do anything wrong, though, you’ll get it sorted out quickly.


Thanks for your input.
-In short , in my case , my delivery was a 99.99% completed delivery and it was the buyer who was missing a file.
This guyer gave a bad review (which I fixed) but I was wrongly accused of abusing the delivery system because of this.

I have a thread in which I’m answering this in great detail.
It would make all the unicorns in the land cry at how I was treated by this buyer.

In the end I learned some valuable pieces of info that anyone could learn from… I’m going to paste the new bits in there shortly, straight from CS.


I read your original so I’ll be curious to see the additions. Just remember that policy has changed very recently. Fiverr now expects buyers to leave a realistic review and not change it, and sellers requesting review changes should be rare. If a seller does want a buyer to change the review, they may not offer a refund in return and they must be very limited in what they offer to do in return for the change.