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What To Do When A Seller's Gig Image Is Stolen But Portfolio Isn't?

Hey all, it’s me again!

Sooooo, I just developed a new skill that I was contemplating monetizing on the platform, so as I was browsing through the search section I noticed one user whose cover image was that of a YouTube tutorial I remember stumbling across months ago.

The name of the Fiverr user is completely different from that of the YouTuber, and the YouTuber also has another website where they sell their art.

So I continued to dig and found more Fiverr seller artists who’s cover image might be stolen, but all other images appear to be theirs. Does it count as false advertising if the first image isn’t theirs but all others are? If the delivered gig order images are theirs but the advertised ones aren’t, should that still be reported?

Should I bother with them seeing as the medium is different to that of traditional or digital art? Or is it none of my business? Last time I talked about something like this I was accused of being jealous of the person’s success.

Seeing as some gig sellers just steal images and upload it and resell it, those I agree 100% should be reported, but what about sellers that DO deliver their own artwork but the advertising is false? Is it more akin to burger commercials where the burger advertised is NOTHING like that at the restaurant?

I’m curious to hear what the rest of you on here have to say on this subject matter in terms of this conversation.


For me it depends.

if I am busy I ignore it.

If I am not busy I report everything, especially if the way i found about their stolen work is by them coming to forum asking to check their GIG.

One guy recently had screenshots from entire Satori designer Youtube AI tutorial section…Lost my mind and reported everything that could be reported, all his gigs and profile.


Oh was! The absolute NERVE of some people! :roll_eyes:

Oh, and he is persistent. He deleted all of that and today he made all new GIGs this time using different designer. He copy past her entire description (about us page) and images of logos.

For his package GIG he used image from PRO Fiverr seller. Lovely.

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“None of my business?” There’s no reason to think that scams aren’t your business. If you know someone is scamming and stealing, it’s important to report if you have time.

But please don’t think you’re going out of bounds by helping to stop theft. No thief is entitled to keep on stealing and profit from that theft.


Do you guys have nothing better to do? Like really… there’s always gonna be people like that, you literally won’t change anything by having 1 or 2 people banned. I’ve reported a ton of scamming buyers and there’s even more popping up so I just moved on with it.

1? I reported and removed at least 50-100 in past 3 months.

Scamming buyers?!

We are not talking about buyers but sellers.

That is completely different.

Buyer scams for his own agendas.

Scamming sellers use stolen artwork and description from other people. So multiple persons are damaged. The owner of artwork, buyers, and Fiverr.


If everyone decides to turn a blind eye to the problem, somewhere down the road, the number of fraudulent sellers will outweigh legit sellers.


A recent Seth Godin blog discussed this very thing: in your business, you either never cheat or you cheat when you think you can get away with it. The two approaches are mutually exclusive. You are either a cheater or you are not. Reporting cheaters is keeping the landscape and honor of your craft pure. Supporting cheaters means that you are keeping the option to cheat yourself and destroying the beauty of your craft for all.

Music is my thing. Just about every mixing gig I see here and elsewhere, so it is not a Fiverr thing, is using images and other similar impressions that they have a fancy studio with a famous mixing desk. Grammys even. Now the problem is that I see more pics of that desk representing sellers’ workspaces than instances of that desk that were made. I get an ad forced on me on FB & YT daily where the cheater sits in a fancy control room which he has clearly hired for the photoshoot to make his BS product look Pro.

People seem to love being lied to. I find I can’t work with clients who like to cheat as inevitably they cheat me, even if only by short-cutting the work so the results are poor. That reflected on me when I ended up with a portfolio full of half-a’d songs that no mix could ever rescue. Potential clients hear the poor songwriting/singing and blame me.

Have honor and report cheaters when you find them as they destroy your craft.