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What to do when a supplier won't leave you alone about rating

I’ve hired about 1000 fiverr suppliers and periodically get one that demands all 5 stars. I just had one that asked me several times for all 5’s but the service was way below par. He was either unable to communicate in english or uninterested in listening to the requirement but in any case, he continued to deliver the same thing over and over again with out revisions.

I ended up giving him a 3 for communication and a 4 overall (which is very unusual for me. .For 5 bucks, I don’t expect much and typically give all 5’s.

I told him why I have him 4 stars, not 5 stars and asked him to explain why he was so upset. I told him if he gave me a good reason to give 5 stars, I would change the rating.

He said I was right but I was hurting his business and then have me a lower rating…it was his only method of attack I suppose.

What is the best approach when a sub-standard supplier begs and demands a good rating?

IMO, when someone hassles for a good rating then it takes away from the whole buying experience. I would agree to change the rating and give a lower one. Aside from it being against the rules to ask for 5 star reviews and hassle a buyer, it is negative for the whole site if buyers are pressured in that way.


Asking a buyer for a specific rating is completely against the Fiverr TOS and a buyer is advised to leave an honest review. As a seller I believe that this honest reviews help me correct myself more than anything.