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What to do when buyer asks to deliver before 4-5 days of the deadline?

Hello, hope everyone is doing good. Let me ask you a question, friends. What do you do when a buyer asks to deliver before the deadline? Or even if he asks to deliver 4-5days before the deadline and decides to cancel the order if you can not, what should we do?


Just let them cancel the order, they’re being unreasonable. If they wanted it at a certain time, they should have said so. They shouldn’t have set a deadline then wanted it sooner than the deadline.

They clearly saw a number of days you have set up in your gig.

You can tell them that you will send the a custom offer for x amount of $ to deliver it within let’s say 1-2 days.
If they decline that offer but still will push you to deliver without paying extra then you should cancel. You shouldn’t be working with clients that doesn’t value your time and blackmailing you to do extra work for free.