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What to do?When Buyer Force you to revise for free?

Greetings Fellow Sellers,

Last 4 weeks ago I’ve been busy producing a commercial/product video for a client that is already completed
last 8 or 9 days ago.During the Delivery Time,he already asked me for revisions and the reference samples that he sends me keeps changing.( I already read between the lines of the script that he is a sub-seller and he sells my videos to others)
Now the order is completed for almost 9 days as what I’ve mentioned and he suddenly message me asking for free revision again and he said it is last request.The funny thing is.His last request or revision is so unrealistc he wants full 3D animation and Motion graphic visuals that is beyond my capacity as I am only a videographer/editor and when it comes to 3D animation I clearly did not mention it to my gig description.Now message him again and apologized that I can no longer revise it as it’s way more complicated and he needs another group of designers to make the edits but he keeps forcing me to make it for him for free.After I told him I can’t do it for free, then he said he will order so I can do the revision that he wants but I already mention Its beyond my capacity.Now I already contacted the fiverr about this but I don’t know how to deal with this client as he is too forcy like he don’t read my messages at all.If you have anything in common or encounter the same problem.It will be great to know any solutions.
Best Regards,

I am a video/graphics provider on Fiverr. You can private message me and I can help you through it.

Every time I have had difficulty with communication, I usually change parts of my gig description to try to prevent future issues. It has taken me about 100 deliveries on one gig to figure out what the description needs to be.

I am not saying this is the case. You clearly have a customer that is not clear on what they want. Probably because they are not sure what their client wants. They are also possibly not engaged enough in the process to understand what you offer and they have not communicated that clearly to their customer. If they are not the end buyer.

Your description needs to clearly define what is offered and not offered in your gig. When you reply to a request that is outside the scope, you literally use the exact verbiage in your descriptions when you reply.

I use this statement in my animation gigs. “Revisions are included in the cost as long as the script doesn’t change.”

Even in the middle or the end of the project, it is better to give a refund, than to have an unsatisfied customer leave a bad review.

If I had had 1 bad review in my first 60 days, It would have cost me $80,000 later. That’s how important your ratings are. I recall 1 $5 project taking 30 days to complete. Making daily revisions. I have also refunded $300.00 orders after I completed the work. I just really believe that someone should absolutely love my work or they shouldn’t have to pay. Sounds crazy? It’s worked really well for me. After 4 years, my average refund is about 6 cents for every $5.00 order. :slight_smile:


Hi landongrace,
Thank you for your reply.I do actually give him a lot of options in the visual and 3d animation with some links that might help him of what he truly wants and gave link of other fiver sellers so they can get the video that they want.I do have also refunds like 200 dollars worth or sometimes 500 dollars worth if the script or revision that they want is not within the description I give and before we even start the project I always make sure that the documents,visuals and agreement terms are understandable .I just believe that he wanted more as they saw how good the result was and they thought it’s full 3D engine I guess.

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The problem is, he wanted a hollywood quality production of the budget that lets say only for script approval and I also pay assistant when doing the video production as I film them raw and he requires so much.A studio type house,3D animation, motion graphic and the budget makes no sense too as his revisions is really in a very different angle now compare to what we have agreed.