What to do when buyer isn't replying correctly?


It’s been more than 24 hour now that I completed this task as the buyer requested. But he didn’t mark the order as complete yet! neither he asked for any modifications or anything! I’ve sent him two text saying if he need any more modifications or anything I’ll be happy to help. No reply!
I checked if he was online recently. And he is even online now! Yet not replying to my texts!
This is the 2nd order from him, first one gone really well. So, I’m quite confused about whats going on with him this time!

Sharing this here just to have some idea about what to do in this kind of situations!


I have a buyer who is my regular buyer he just place order and disappear and comes back after a month asking for more work, So in this situation you have done your seller’s duty by telling him about the revisions in future so chill. You will get paid after 3 days


I think we’ve all experienced this strange occurrence.:fox_face: However, don’t bombard the buyer with messages.

Note: The order will auto-complete after (3) days. Some buyers don’t mark the order complete/don’t leave reviews, but hey that’s their choice. ¯\(ツ)


Yeah its happened to me a few times already. It’s hard when your new, since reviews are so important. All you can do is move on though.


It’s fine and Yes these thing happens to all of us. Sometime it’s because client is also waiting for feedback from other team member or other buyer. It’s good that you asked him if he needs any modification but no need to send multiple text.


Just wait till the order auto completes in 3 days, then enjoy your money. Lots of folks will just take the order and run, no worries.


As long as the order is marked as delivered just let it sit there if the buyer doesn’t reply. You’re open to his feedback and if he ain’t got any, the order will automatically be marked as complete in 3 days anyway, so maybe some buyers just don’t like being bothered after they’ve received the product…


No news is good news. Just wait till it completed automatically.
Not always expect people response immediately. They are not necessary stick to Fiverr every day every hour.


Thanks to everyone for all this suggestions. I’m really relieved now actually, knowing that this not only happened with me but also a lot of people had to face this and this is not a big problem at all. All I have to do is just wait for 3 days till the order mark itself as complete n then chill!
Thanks to everyone again. :slight_smile: