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What to do when buyers seem uninterested?

Hi fiverrs,
Nowadays I meet much more buyers that seem to me that they don’t think the order is important to them. Or may seem uninterested in the work.
For example, they see my questions/inquiries and never respond till I send multiple messages.
And they request changes, then tell me "no, it doesn’t look good go back to the 1st design "
And after Delivering the order, they never accepted the order, or rated it.
And in conversations, they may seem rude sometimes to me. Not nice at all.
I would have cancelled the orders, but fiverr forces me to deal with these clients…Coz of the rates and so.

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If the people you are connecting with aren’t interested in your services, then those people are not your target customers. If you want to fund buyers for your services, then you need to be reaching out to the target customers who need what you have to offer.

This sounds a bit like you might be harassing or spamming these people. Ask them once, and if they are interested, they will hire you. If not, move on to other potential buyers. If you’re sending “questions/inquiries”, which I sincerely hope means a buyer request response, you should just send the response, and leave the rest up to the buyer. There is no need to find ways to keep asking them if they want to buy from you. Desperation is not a good business strategy.

Once an order is delivered, that order is 100% completed, unless the buyer chooses to request a revision. They do not have to leave you a review. Buyers are not required to review the orders that they receive, nor are you – as the seller – entitled to reviews. Reviews are voluntary. Deliver your orders, and move on.

Could it be that they might be frustrated with you for some reason, and that comes across as rudeness to you? Buyers don’t start out rude when they choose to contact you. A pleasant conversation, and a polite demeanor from you will usually quell most rudeness. If most of your potential buyers are rude to you, then it might be something YOU need to fix about yourself. Good communication skills can go a long way towards building a strong client base.

Fiverr doesn’t force you to do anything. You always have a choice. If a potential buyer is rude to you, block them from sending you future messages. If a current client is rude to you, and you don’t think you can complete an order professionally, then cancel the order. You cannot, and should not, live in fear of your cancellation rating.

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That may not seem clear, but I was talking about buyers who contacted me for an order and already purchased the gig.
I hate spamming buyers, because I know it’s annoying, but when the order’s time is like 3 days and the buyer responds every 24 hours, I’ll have a late order because I need details because my gig is about design.
And if you check my gig reviews they always say that my communication is good. I treat buyers very nicely. But they give me the feeling of not caring about the order they paid money for. And they request changes at the last minutes, which is frustrating.
Most of the clients are super nice, but it’s these days that I met these types of buyers who don’t seem to care/rude sometimes.
My cancellation rate is already bad because of 2 orders that were not my fault. And already got demoted, so yeah I need to complete orders and avoid cancellations to get back my level 1.

If you require the buyer to answer automated questions at the time of their purchase, you won’t likely need to be hounding them for more information. If you write great automated questions, you’ll usually have all the information that you need as soon as the order starts.

They do give requirements that I work with. Then they want changes, this is where they don’t respond.

If you have delivered the work they hired you to complete, that closes out the order timer. If they ask for revisions, those are not timed… and you can wait as long as you need for them to deliver their revision preferences. If they don’t provide any revision preferences, then just re-deliver your original order delivery to re-complete the order.

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