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What to do when byer won't stop asking for revisions?

I am having an issue with a byer at the moment, they wanted me to re do an illustration someone else has done for them, i accepted and we agreed on 3 revisions, i was sending them progress images (as i always do to minimize revisions for the final product) and they were happy with the illustrations up until i made a delivery.
When i sent the final product they basically wanted me to re draw an entire illustration because lines were too thick, despite me sending them linework and them approving it, i did it and they kept changing their mind with every revision, i even said that after 3 revisions i had to charge them for additional revisions to which they agreed, and even now they keep changing their mind. I feel like thin person is trying to push me to cancel an order, they sent me a reference image that had fiverr watermark so i am suspecting they were doing this to someone else before me.
Does anyone have any idea what should i do, at this point i have lost a week on these person and i really don’t want to cancel an order. I am sorry for the bad english and long text, i am just livid.


If you had charged them an extra charge for each additional revision past the amount of free ones they probably wouldn’t keep continuously asking for revisions. I don’t know if that’s what you did. If you said you’d do any additional revisions for the one extra charge they might continue asking for many revisions, and if so at some point it might be best to cancel, or maybe ask CS to look into it.

Yikes. This Buyer sounds like a pain.

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I did three free revisions as i usually do, and when they used that up i charged them one more, but when i change the thing they wanted me to they list some tlnew things they didn’t even mention before.

They sure are, thank you for the link!

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So maybe add a chargeable extra saying you’ll do those extra things they asked for or saying “1 additional revision”. At least if you do that for each new thing they ask for you’ll be getting paid more for each new thing.

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That’s what i was thinking of doing, thanks for the advice!


Hi Aleksandra. That sounds really unnerving and indeed as if they might want to make you cancel, on the other hand, some people are just a bit special.

In any case, I took a peek at your gigs and saw that your gigs have a max of 2 reviews included, not “unlimited”, so unless you agreed on more in a custom offer, that’s good already, as neither buyer nor Fiverr can hold you to “unlimited revisions”.

Apart from that, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The most likely reply you’d get from support is something like “try to work it out with your buyer”, and the most likely forum reply is “it’s your business, it’s your responsibility to put your foot down”. Doing that might work, but if you do it, of course, there is the sword of Damocles dangling over your head in form of a “revenge review”, while cutting one’s losses and giving up stings doubly, money and pride, no enticing option either.

Did you already try a firm ultimatum along the lines of “I can offer you one last revision for this project. As the gig included (x) revisions which were used up (and I made (x) more revisions for free already), I’ll have to bill this revision according to the time it will take me. Please make sure to think this over and collect any revision requests into a single Word document to attach here”? Might not work with someone like your customer either, but maybe having spelled it out could at least help if cancellation/support shenanigans ensue.

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I actually did a custom offer with three revisions, they actually paid for the additional revision, but their requests just seem never ending. Thank you for the advice!

This is a painful client

You can reduce the chances of them by putting more effort into making sure there is a good Brief and discussion of it, preferably before they hire you - or use a small Brief making gig as hear some do. Also a strong Requirements Form.

This will weed out the vague hand-wavers who like to make it up as they go as you will see early that they have no idea just a belief that their invisible “creative” idea (that somehow is always a clone of the most generic thing they can find). This is a red flag. Get them clear or get clear yourself (as in run away).

At least here they mean well enough as they are paying you as you move forward.