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What to do when client take advantage of unlimited revision

A buyer give me 100 designs and keep asking for revision-
1 revision - change the mistakes (there are some mistakes in the design)
2 revision mockup have to be white (asked for white mock more white)
3 revision don’t like 20 designs redo (20 designs he don’t like have to make new)
4 revision I must have a new mockup like this (give me a new attached sample I changed it according to the attached file)
5 revision mock up color should be Irish green, navy blue ( asked to change green to Irish green, and different ave blue color)
6 revision design should go with all 6 colors (this time he asked one design should be fit on “white, blue, green, black, gray, navy blue” if it doesn’t fit then I have to change the color of the design, he gave me a sample a where there are two same design one in black one is white. black for the white background and white for the black bg.)
each time he gives a revision I have to change 100 designs according to his information this takes time. he could say all that in the first revision but he is taking advantage of unlimited revision.

What should I do?

You offer unlimited revisions, so you need to make the changes as requested.

Why not change your gig to a limited number of revisions for the future?

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I am more worried about the late in revision time and also want to make this order complete.

So long as you delivered on time the first time, it won’t actually be late. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any way to stop buyer from giving revision. i mean he ordered 100 designs and geting 220 designs(every design 2 color and 20 design redo cause he dont like). i want to stop him asking for more designs.

You can only cancel. This is why you should never offer unlimited revisions. Unlimited means this person has bought from you expecting you to revise their work as many times as they like.


This means i am stuck with this client. i think for some reason client want me to do that, may be he want his money back.