What to do when customer is unreasonable and disrespectful


Got a new customer yesterday, told me to do some cleanup with photoshop. Seems easy enough…that’s when hell started.

The first draft was my fault, I didn’t read carefully what he wanted or my brain didn’t register it. So I did what he asked, told me to use a specific size, did that, then says it’s not the right size, to use the original size.

I did that, then he says it’s not the right size (again) and to use the size he provided (which I already did). Then he wants me to do an edit to the moon, did that, says not to change the original placement. Redid again, now he wants to change it again.

It’s so frustrating. Then he tells me that since he’s on vacation, I’m purposefully doing a bad job to make him stay longer at the hotel. and that I’m passive aggressive and I’m dishing it out on him. WTF? I didn’t know that he was on vacation in the first place.

All I was trying to do is get the job done. And he continues to be disrespectful and started shouting (ALL CAPS) at me.


Please cancel your order - you don’t need the hassle. :slight_smile:


He doesn’t want to cancel. Just hope Fiverr cancels it soon. I want to be done with this. First customer to act like this.


Have you contacted Fiverr CS?


no, if I do will they cancel the gig automatically or do I have to wait?


If he’s being abusive, which it sounds like, take screenshots of the conversation, and contact CS - they may cancel the order for you. Good luck!


Thanks I will do that.


Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker let him go play :ferris_wheel: :circus_tent:circus with another seller. Putting up with a disrespectful buyer for a few coins is not worth the hassle. CS will sort it out for ya!


Sometimes I feel like buyers are being passive aggressive because it’s ten o’clock at night and they aren’t sleeping, so I should stay up working on their order.


You should always cancel at the first sign of disrespect.

Yes it does attract a certain amount of nosy people and stalkers to have your picture if you are female.


I would cancel the order. Don’t work with rude, unprofessional clients. The headache is not worth it. You will get more buyers.


The gig was canceled, he told me that he will make sure I will never work ever again on Fiverr. -_-


Sorry this happened to you!
That empty fake threat is laughable. Sad for him he feels that he needs to be so rude.


I believe that’s called a “threat?”

I’d say take a screen shot of that message and send it to CS, hopefully he’ll get his account banned.


I also had a same experience day before yesterday. :expressionless: