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What to do when not getting any one order in this world every people

what to do when not getting any one order, in this world every people believe on the marketing of there product even if they has no enough ablitiy to perform the given task.


No he doesn’t. Please stop.

Social media can’t help you unless you’re an absolute master at social lead generation (not spamming) and doing other things. Don’t say something is helpful when you have absolutely no proof that it is and all the evidence shows the opposite of what you’re claiming.

This is why the web is loaded with Fiverr gig spam. People just post their gigs over and over again and call it marketing. No. You have two reviews. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


help me with an effective idea for lead generation without hearing other in simple and cheap or in free.

how long have you been here you have perform lots of task best suggestion you have to get order

yes, you are right, :+1:

Paitent and try to promot gigs @nirdsohchapagai

“Help me”

How typical. A lazy seller demanding I coach them.

And you wonder why you can’t get work.

Take initiative. Don’t ask me to do your work for you. This is so rude bossy and ignorant.


don’t think that i’m asking for doing my task but need some helpfull guideline.

She already gave you a direction. Just google “social lead generation” and read everything you can on that topic :woman_shrugging: Invest your own time into that instead of asking other people to chew and spoon feed you.


He joined the forum on April 12th and has read it all of 1 hour.

I would suggest that instead of expecting your fellow sellers to spoon feed you all the answers, you do a simple search of the forum, where your question has been asked literally 100’s of times - use the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner to search for tips on how to get orders. I know for a fact there are at least 1 or 2 pinned answers to this.



I didn’t say you were asking me to do your task. This is where better English comes in handy.

Thank you! “Help me” really says it all. As @mariashtelle1 said these sellers don’t even want to research on their own. He literally just told him to help him. So rude, lazy and bossy. Why do people think we’re here so that they don’t have to take the effort to learn?

Also, re that seller who said to post on social, I’ve noticed that ALL of the sellers who post nonsense advice have none to few sales. They think if they can convince people in the forum that they are smart that somehow that will get them a job…

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thanks for being so sweet.