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What to do when old client push me to work at low price?

I have a client from a new seller. Basically I worked for him at a low price(3 static webpages for 60$) cause I was pretty new. Now I have experience. Now I increased my budget. I told my client if he wants to work with me he needs to increase his budget. But every time I say that he got angry and tell me to do such a lower price even than before. But I don’t want to work at such a lower price. He wants totally custom e-commerce website only 20-40 dollars. it’s quite insane. I saw some buyer request at $700. He somehow got those original buyers and pushing me to work at even lower prices every day. if he provided at least a 60% share. I will be happy.

So, Blocking will be the best or need to handle in a different way? cause I did almost seven projects of him.


Just say no. Block him - you deserve better.


I understand your concern. And if it was just a small discount you could maybe do it just because it’s a regular client, but honestly, if he is getting all angry and demanding stuff after you politely explained it, he’s not respecting you or your work.

I would simply say something like “I’m really sorry but I really cannot continue to work with my old prices, I’m sure you understand, thank you” (so he KNOWS he messed up) and block him.


You block him without replying to any of his massages. I think this is the best solution,

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Say no!!! Block him!

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You must block him.It is he who messed up not your fault.

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Whenever he will message me again. I will send him this message and will block him.

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I don’t think you should block him. Just say if he doesn’t want to work at your required price, then he has to go elsewhere. Be polite because who knows, he might accept the price. Don’t continue to argue after that and he’ll have to make a choice.

I told him politely i am not going to work at low prices from now. And i also told him to increase budget . I am still interested to work with you. I also told him if you don’t find this price suitable , you can hire another freelancer. It will be better. But he is saying, i am asking unnecessary prices and repeating to do the work.
But let me clear you. He came with same project few days ago which i saw in buyer request. The actual buyer’s budget was 350$ . I recognized same project by viewing attached pdf. He told me that the budget was 25$. It was joke. I got broken. If he gave me at least 60% share . I will be happy. But i can feel that, he is literally hungry for money .not for partnership or commitment.

That’s sad to hear.

End the conversation with, “Your budget is too low for my standards. Once you’re ready to pay for the quality of my work, then I will communicate with you. Until then, you have to go somewhere else.”

Then don’t respond to any of his messages. It is very important that you don’t acknowledge him in any way.

You may never hear from him or he may agree to pay fairly.

But this is the right thing to do.


These syndicaters don’t feel our dedication, time and value. All they know money!
After working with him , i feel , he took those projects with his multiple seller id and hire other freelancers at low price using his buyer id
I know it’s business policy. But they should value their partners who gave him money from actual buyers for nothing.

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the best reply ever!

great reply.Thanks for sharing