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What to do when someone copies parts of your gig description?

I just noticed today that someone copied sentences from my gig and I am not sure how to address this. I think it is understandable if he/she had repurposed/rephrased what I wrote, but this is a copy/paste situation, and it feels a little weird to me.
Is this allowed on fiverr?
The person used sentences from my gig description and lifted a sentence from another person’s gig description as well.
My gig:

Copypaster’s gig:

Another fiverr seller’s gig who copypaster used a sentence from her gig:

Has anyone experienced this before? And what did you do? Did you discuss with the seller or did you just let it slide?

This is not an uncommon issue. You can submit a ticket to Customer Support to complain if you wish. If someone copies an entire gig description, CS will pretty much always make them take it down. I don’t know what they do if it’s just partial, but if it’s worth it to you it doesn’t hurt to ask. It would be worth it to me because I just can’t stand plagiarism in any form.

The guy you said copied your gig actually formatted it in much better way. Also , he’s polish … so he probably just doesnt know proper english. I looked over it briefly and I couldnt find anything blatantly copied. I can tell you that you might want to copy his gig description layout as it’s much better than yours. Just a thought.

Ok, thanks. I am kind of conflicted about it. I don’t want to cause issues for the seller-i.e. I don’t want CS to forcefully take down the person’s gig. At the same time, it feels weird to me to have someone copy my own thoughts on their page. I can try to contact him or her first and see if they can edit that part, and if they don’t agree, I can escalate to CS. How does that sound?

Thanks for the feedback on the layout.
If you look more closely at the person’s first paragraph and last paragraph, you will see it was copied from my gig description.

This happened to me twice now. Someone copied my gig description. And in another separate case, they copied one of my gig photos (i assume they took a screen shot or something). Too bad they can’t be creative themselves and write their own gig description.

Same thing happened to us on a number of occasions. We didn’t think anything of it, but as form of flattery. When new sellers want your position, they’ll do anything to get to it, even copy your whole profile :slight_smile:

Just saw featured gig with same gig name as mine (actually he changed slightly name, but on address bar it is my gig name), description is partial. He just added some other stuff there rest is copied from me. It is really annoying when people who are coping other gigs gets featured and gets alot of orders because of that

I see a lot of copycat gigs. Thankfully most of them die on their own without having to report them. I don’t understand the need to clone a gig. Unique gigs sell much better and you don’t have to compete with other gigs with the same name.

Wow. Copying the gig portfolio is just taking it to another level. It is sad.

I feel you.

I feel bad for them as it shows a level of desperation. As you said they die on their own.

Recently a Gig of mine had it’s Title and Description copied word for word. I contacted the Seller and politely explained what the consequences might be if I had to enlist Customer Service’s help. The Seller immediately took it down.

Try having the entire page of your gigs copied and plastered on the internet just as they appear on fiverr! It is a total copy of the page on fiverr only then it redirects to some nonsensical cheesy sales page after ten seconds.

It’s probably someone’s attempt at “black hat reverse SEO”. No other reason for it.

They can copy my gig descriptions as much as they want but I doubt they can deliver the work the same way I do! You’re only as good as your end product, if they don’t have the skill set then they will drop off faster than a lemming falling from a cliff! :stuck_out_tongue: