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What to do when someone is cheating on me?

Hi there,
I’d like to ask you - do you know what to do, when I ordered some translation and after delivery realised that it’s simply google translator? How can I get back my money and say another customers to don’t order work from that people?

Thank you!


Hello there. I fear it’s either or.

You can ask for a cancellation and if the seller accepts, you’ll automatically get a refund to your Fiverr balance and can use it to find a better seller, but when you cancel, you can’t leave a public review (those that show in a seller’s profile).
You’ll be, in any case, able to leave a ‘private review’ though/too, which only Fiverr will see and which probably influences the seller’s ranking in search and might lead to Fiverr investigating and reacting appropriately.

You can choose to accept the order and then leave a public review which will show on their profile, but then you can’t get a refund.

You can also contact Customer Support (link in the footer of any page, tell them and ask them to cancel for you/what they’d recommend you to do. Please note that if you want to cancel and want your money refunded to your payment source instead of getting it as Fiverr balance, you have to go through Customer Support.

Hope you’ll have better luck with your next choice. :four_leaf_clover: