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What to do when someone order gig for work that is not mentioned in your Gig


I have gig for Removal of malicious redirects from websites ,and recently i got order from buyer ,Who did not submitted the buyer Requirements instead he Typed “hello”.

i asked for Requirements … but he sent a long column :frowning:
i will purchase more gigs :frowning: i will drive more orders etc

what should i do ?
Report to Fiverr support ?
Cancel the order ?
Cancellation will ruin My cancellation rate .

Buyer ordered by mistake

I hate buyers who pretend to have huge long-term projects and promise to give you a lot of jobs and $ before they have seen what you are able to deliver on the first order.
I always try to not work for these guys. They are always unhappy and ask many revision or free work.
In my opinion, you are facing a lot of problems with such buyers.
It’s up to you to decide if you accept to work for this client or to cancel the order.

I don’t know if you have seen a change when you became Level 2 seller. I personally didn’t notice anything! So, I am not afraid of becoming a Level 1 seller.
You have many good reviews. I think that you can afford to cancel this order.


One more thing i noticed the Guy Asked me to work on a website for which i worked in back 2016 ,But that order was from Another Account and on final delivery The guy did not accepted and Made dispute of it … and asked for refund .
i have compared the 2016 and 2018’s Request of both Orders .
in both order Buyer is promising for future business.
i requested resolution from Fiverr Support .


Buyer did not accepted the cancellation and sent another message


I would cancel without reading the entire message!


But he is declining again and again , i just opened a ticket with fiverr support and asked to review told the whole story in that ticket … hope i will get relief .
it is challenging situation for me where i have to deal such guys while having a several orders in queue . :frowning:


AAHHHH ! :frowning: i am suffering for such pain

This Guy is really annoying me


This is a scammer. Just ignore them. Do not communicate. Every time they refuse to cancel just request cancellation again.

It might also help to say something like:


I’m sorry but your account activity has been flagged as suspicious by the Fiverr community and I have been advised not to work or communicate with you further.



I use this sometimes and it terrifies buyers/scammers into running a mile. Also, since we are the community, it’s not a lie.

Most importantly of all, report this asap to CS.


Request cancellation again and again.
And report this buyer to CS.


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