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What to do when someone requests an impossible product?

Hi all,

I find myself becoming more and more frustrated with Fiverr. My gig is that I “take photos of anything in New York City.” However I just had someone request that I take photos inside a specific room in a specific building which I really doubt I will be able to gain access to.

However I hate that in this situation if I have to cancel the gig it will reflect poorly on my rating. It is not my fault that this is a request I physically cannot complete.

Has anyone had luck with getting Fiverr to not count it against you when the buyer requests something literally impossible? Maybe they should make it so that the seller must also “accept” the buyer’s order before the order is approved, that could avoid situations like this. :frowning:


What you could do is put in the gig description and/or FAQ any conditions or exceptions. eg. that the photo must be from a publicly accessible place or something.

You could try asking CS to cancel it if it’s not possible and ask if it can be done without affecting stats/evaluation.

edit: Also, for the current order you could ask the buyer, since it’s not possible from the specificied location (you could check if it might be possible), if it could be taken from another location instead (and ask which other location they would like instead of the originally requested location).

To me that sounds like a criminal wanting you to scout a location. Don’t do it. There was a case on Fiverr of a seller being set up to read a confession to being a major narcotic dealer. She was even arrested. All the while, of course, she thought she was reading an excerpt from an e-book.

Just cancel and maybe change your gig to say ‘public outdoor locations only.’

Of course, with it being Fiverr, someone will still probably ask you to stand in front of a freight train at some point. - And ask for revisions.


Sounds like a straight-to-TV movie i would watch on Lifetime.


If your gig description literally says “anything”, I’m afraid you created this situation for yourself.

Write a a detailed disclaimer (“I won’t photograph private property”, “I won’t photograph children”, etc.) and reword the gig title. English is not my first language so I can’t really advise on how to do that specifically but “anything” exposes you to all kinds of unwanted situations people can spin to their advantage.

You can only cancel this order. Contact the CS, let them know that you are being asked to do something that is (potentially) illegal and ask them to cancel the order on your behalf. There is a good chance your stats won’t be affected this way.


Hello, you didn’t mention the building or the room. Surely this person knows you don’t have access to that? If you can’t get them to change it to some place you have easy access to then all you can do is cancel it.

This shows the importance of being very specific in your gig description.

My only advice to you - Change Your Description

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It might even be possible that you would be in danger if you went in that room. I think you should stick to outdoor public places only. Open spaces only.


If your description for example says you’ll only take pictures of publicly accessible locations, yet the location is not publicly accessible, then support can cancel the order without affecting your level eligibility. Otherwise it’s a legitimate request, and you may need to take a hit. But it’s still worth it to ask support if the request is impossible to do.

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Thanks for all the advice guys! I ended up adding a note to my gig description and might go back and take out the “anything” in the title. I contacted customer support and they actually did end up removing that from affecting my stats!

What he wanted was pictures in a specific courtroom for the cover of a book I believe. According to him I could get a permit from the clerk and just show up to take the photos, but when I asked him for contact info for his contact at the court he just gave me the general court numbers and said I should just “show up before court is open” today (with less than 24 hours notice) and they would let me in. I really doubted that would happen but was going to do more research on if it was possible, but he cancelled the order before I even got a chance.

Anyway, I guess this is a lesson in being more specific and I’m going to add more disclaimers in the FAQ.

I doubt if they would have let anyone in before it was open. They have tight security in courtrooms. I’m glad you got it taken care of.