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What to do when the buyer gets what wants and cancel the order?

This must be something usual here, the buyer a new user to be more specific, comes buy your gig, during the order process keeps asking more and more than what is in the gig, and does not have a hint about developing a website then after work is done start requesting revisions and changes, then starts complaining that the work is not original or not as requested, not to mention she made me spend more than a week delaying to reply or replying vague to questions i made something like… what images and text you want on your banners… she answers “any” “you choose”, when the work is done, paid theme given, all website is configured and changed, she don’t have her own emails and mailchimp to add to website and asks me to create and who do this will know this envolves time to verify domain etcetc, i charged an additional for this work, now when everything is ready she says will only pay for the emails created and because she didn’t like the banners i removed them, then because she knows nothing about themes and stuff she thinks the website gone back to previous theme she had and asks to cancel the order, and do not want pay for anything. End of story i spent more than a week working for free left my own things to delivery a beautiful website for this person and all what i received was “you are a fraud” “did nothing”. What to say about Fiverr… hmmm difficult i’m sad.

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The only problem with you is, trying to be smart for less payment. And the only advice I can give you is to be original, meaning provide them what you have unless they request for paid themes, As a web designer and developer, you should have bundles of themes that you created or you already bought from somewhere. Customers are not designers nor techie, they will expect everything from you. Be ready to do a real business that is cost effective.
So, first thing first,
Provide them ready to use websites Pre-made websites for $10 or $15 (Not Custom made) Add gig extras for banner designs and emails etc.
Give them a clear description of what you provide.

second, Ask them few questions in buyer requirement page (Given clear instructions and what they should expect from you). Do not keep messaging them, I have seen most of the newbie sellers are repeating their message that seems non-professional.

Third, Send them drafts according to the instructions given, followed by a simple and constructive message that buyer clearly understands.

Now, You are ready to start the design. Give your best design, revise as needed and you are ready to go.

Good Luck

The buyer in question did not provide information as i requested was take very long to answer the necessary info to start the order, then wanted a specific paid theme i didn’t have but showed where she could buy, at the same time offered a good theme i had and this is where all story started… yes they do not have be techie yet they will think and complain that you have done nothing for them, because they can not see what have been done, even after i printed the previous website compared to new. This is really unfair.

My personal advice: Do not sell to people who are vague or ambiguous with what they want. It will always get into trouble.
Try to use your Gig and the information you need to deliver as a MUST. I’ve had the same experience like you had, a couple of times, and it’s disappointing indeed.
People who are serious will take the time to fill all the information needed, in order to get what they want. Some others just come to Fiverr for fun or without any clue about how things work. Communication is the key, and is already hard to communicate with some people in real life, imagine over internet. Try to be clear, asking direct questions and when the answer is not clear enough, just move on. In this way you will build a good and strong amount of serious clients.
Hope you don’t have this kind of experience again, just try to select your clients better and not thinking “I can help this guy anyway…” because it will mostly not work.


Is there a way we can flag the buyer so others will know of it’s acts?

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I’ve had this a few times - the buyer requests something and it sounds like it’s going to be easy peasy then when I deliver they say it’s not what they wanted or that they need something added. Okay fine, so I do the revision to their specs but then that’s not good enough either. By the third time, I tell them that I’m going to cancel the order as they are wasting my time and that I cannot spend hours and days doing revisions that they keep asking for when they hadn’t been clear from the off. I also tell them I retain all copyrights to the products delivered and that I’ll be using them elsewhere for other clients. Usually they agree to mutually cancel, but now I have rejigged my gigs to say basicaly “you need to tell me explicitly what you want, because this isn’t going to work otherwise”

I think the key in this kind of situation is to be a “Yes man” and put it down to experience.

What I mean is that there are some clients you know are being unreasonable/unfair etc but once you accept a gig, you should nod and say yes to as much as possible - without charging extra. If it helps, keep your five star review in mind and once finished the gig, put it down to experience. You can do this by having a conversation about future orders which seem vague or unclear and avoiding any instance where you do not meet their expectations.

Bad luck on a wasted week, it’s awful and annoying when it happens but as I said, the experience will stand to you.

I believe the only way is to give one star as revision, and explain shortly what the problem with these buyers is. You can always block them to contact you again (yes I had also the experience where they kept ordering for $5 just to give me bad revisions) so the best is blocking them. When you start new, you’re willing to do and help as much as possible, and bad experiences unluckily put you low. But I guess at the beginning there is no way to avoid these experiences, we all had to go through these steps!! To recognize who are the clients you can work with takes time and experience. When you already get your regular clients, then just try to choose quality instead of quantity, and in the long time this will bring you much satisfaction.

Thanks for advices everyone, wuerz123 this was the best advice and to know many have faced this… urg! Well the buyer in question is now using the website exactly how i made for her and have not paid a penny for it, the conclusion i can have from this is, there are people like her who just come here to get a website done for free, they know what they are doing and they have no intention to pay, pure scam, there should be a way for us to flag these users.

Try reporting her to the Customer Service, maybe they can do something about her profile so she will not be able to do this anymore.
Yes, some people come thinking they will get something for free. You can always send your work with a watermark, or with a big “SAMPLE” written on it. You will avoid unfair use of your work. I don’t know what you offer, but I offer posters and Fiverr has the option to watermark the deliveries until the work is accepted. I bet you can do that too? Take a look at your Gigs options

In my case it is not possible, i offer store creation customization and other services in Shopify platform. She gave me her logins i customized everything installed a paid theme, made some design work as well, coded a page as she wanted as well and these two last wasn’t included, after everything was done, she started complaining it wasn’t as she wanted, changed her login access so i couldn’t change what i done, and walked away using a shinny new and beautiful website… oh and she still said i’m going to cancel this because you are fraud and not delivering what i asked and i’m going to pay only for some issues you have solved for me, in case was to create and setup her business emails and mailchimp, i created one email for each purpose for her eg. sales@yourdoamin, newsletter… support… etc and configured all in the store so customers could sign up to her… well i did all this with dedication and love honestly, and i was hopping to read from her, a big thanks( and i had before, during the creation), but when it ended she turned to what all here fear, scam.

I contacted the customer support they took a look and said “you have agreed to cancel” so now is nothing else what we can do, sorry. I confess as this was the first time this happened to me i got scared and when she said cancel now this order i promptly pressed the accept cancel button.

Don’t agree to cancel after you do the work.


Try visiting other sellers that offer the same services as yours. Check their Gigs and how they work to get an idea of how you can minimize risks.
I understand when a client asks you to cancel, you have three choices:
1- You accept and then you worked for nothing
2- You don’t accept and the client leaves a bad review for your work
3-You solve this issue with Customer Services (which 99% of the cases will agree with the buyer-my personal experience)
So the only way is to try to learn how other sellers in your same field are selling their services. You can learn from that.

My experience has been the opposite. They take a look at what happened, and based on that they make a determination and are very fair.

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I hate it when this happens. One customer asked for a simple, minimalist design, and sent some examples. I did exactly what he wanted (I even sent him two versions of the design), and then I got a reply telling me I hadn’t put any effort on the design, and that he wanted to cancel the order. I too spent a long time answering his messages, etc., so I contacted fiverr support telling them what had happened. If they agree with the buyer, I will have wasted a lot of time, which I will never get back.

I personally find that the worst customers are those who inbox me before ordering, asking me questions about the gig instead of just reading the info on my profile. So I’m very cautious when I get someone like that. I didn’t follow my own advice with the customer I just told you about because he seemed nice… but then turned out to be one of the nastiest people I’ve worked with =(

I actually request them to inbox me first, I d rather say no to a job than getting an order that I can’t deliver for any reason. Also, it tells me a lot about them the way they write their request, if I smell a fishy buyer, I turn it down.