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What to do when the gig changes after delivery?

So the buyer gives clear instructions as to what he/she requires- you deliver that - they say excellent, yet fail to sign it off- show a few freinds- these friends come up with a ‘better idea’- she/he then insists you to redo the whole thing- he/she refuses to pay extras, saying its part of the same job - however it is a totally new job.

-you are left feeling abused and taken advantage of- expletive…

I suggest you contact customer support. Make sure to include all the details you and client agreed to. In addition show the changes the client has requested and the reason why you consider it to be completely different than the original request.

Also make sure the client gets a copy of your request to customer support

Just my 2 cents worth.


You need to be clear in your gig descriptions of the number of modifications and service you’ll offer for $5. Given that I work in video and audio production to, the lines can become blurred especially in situations as you’ve described. I would say that unless you state otherwise, people will expect unlimited revisions. Frustrating but definitely a strategy worth reviewing. If you want any advice, feel free to message me.

Tell them that you delivered what was promised in the gig.
It is not “a part of the same job” unless you promised free revisions.
If they don’t agree then it would be better to cancel the order and move on since they may threaten with the negative review.

And the support may not remove it.
Later on when you have built a good reputation, you can directly refuse to redo what was not discussed. If someone threatens then take it to the support with the details.

People try to manipulate new sellers into giving them services for ‘free’.

Thank you- noted K- FYI - I have done what was asked of me, and they still refuse to sign the job off-
How best to inform support that the job is complete and the client is repeatedly coming back with amendments that were not in the original brief!?
kind regards, benP

“Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Modifications for your delivered order, will not be done based on personal taste. Buyers are given the option to rate their experience with the seller and share their experience in a feedback review”

According to this, you should be keeping the funds after you have done what was promised.

You can try opening a support ticket and tell them about the situation with the screenshots if required.
And ask them what if they leave a negative feedback if you don’t cancel the order?

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Reply to @sjames210: Thank you sj- of course you are right - will try for greater clarity in future…hmmmm
many thanks benP