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What to do when the requirements provided by the buyer are a mess?


Don’t know if this can happen to other gigs, but I have a 3D Unwrapping gig and one of the requirements is a 3D model, that will be unwrapped. The problem is that the buyer provided me a 3d model that seemed decent, until I started working on it, there were 1000’s of garbage values, vertices, multiple planes, multiple edges that defined no shape, just a mess. Now I was busy with something else so I didn’t start working on it for like 4 days, then once I did, I started sending the buyer messages about the file being like this and was hoping he could provide a different file. He never responded, he did came online a few times but never responded nor provided a new file.

I did the best I could, I fixed most of the file, unwrapped and just finished it. It has taken me around 12 hrs, this was supposed to be a 3 hours at the most work. The underpay is not an issue, the problem is, if the model was better and if I spend another half a dozen hours on it, I might fix it, buy just re making the entire model myself. But now the UV’s aren’t that great and I am afraid the seller will give me a bad rating.

What can be done in such a situation where you have already done more then enough and more then when you were paid for but may end up with a bad review?

I had a question at the start of this message, don’t know if it was this one, am tired and will have something to eat and will take a nap. Seems more like a rant but still will love to hear your advises.


Absolutely nothing.

The lesson learned here would be, although it would be challenging, once you receive an order, immediately verify if all the submitted files caters to the necessary requirements for you to do your job 100% correctly.

That way, you can postpone the work as per your queue and not worry later if all that was given was proper or not.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


To be honest, this drives me crazy. I’ve never found a way to get buyers to follow my requests for what I need to get started on my real estate video gigs.

I ask for as many HD images of a property, full property details, price, contact information, web link and google maps reference.

I then follow this up by asking buyers not to send me links to places like drop box where I need to download image files myself. I then also sate that any omitted information will cost $5-$10 to edit in after a video is created. Do they listen? Nada.

For most orders, I get sent a single URL to a property listing and that’s it. I then have to download, save property images and figure out a properties best selling points. This takes at least half an hour of extra work. Worse, almost every buyer then comes back with lists of bullet points they now want including etc.

It drives me crazy, almost to the point where I have thought about just taking my real estate gigs down.

Lesson one of Fiverr: Prepare to never be respected, no matter how good a deal you give the people you work for half the time.


Heh, as I could very well be a person creating a horribly fcked up mesh, I feel your pain.


Send a custom extra for the extra work e.g. if you have to go to website & retrieve images etc. it will be an extra $20?

On my Excel charting gig people think I’ll set up or organise their data for them. Nope. Sorry. I just had an in-order extra for $75 accepted to do all the data structuring for them. It’ll take me 3 or 4 hours but at least I’m getting paid for it.


This happens to me occasionally. I am only prepared to spend so much time checking the file pre-order. This is a risk I’ve decided to take and fortunately it only is a problem for maybe 1 in 20 orders.

If I find a problem I didn’t find when doing my estimate I consider it only fair to the buyer that I do any extra work for the fixed price we agreed. After all, it was my responsibility to do the due diligence and work out the time it will take.

Having said that, if I were you in this case, I’d have asked for a new file, explaining the problem, and told the buyer it will be extra to work with the current file. If you can’t actually deliver a solution using the file he sent, you should cancel. If it’s just a case of extra hours, you have to suck it up and put in the extra hours.


Apparently the buyer was just unaware of the messages, I find it hard to believe, but he accepted that he is new to modeling and may not know everything there it. He ended up giving me 5 stars. This is all good but I still ended up spending time I didn’t get paid for. Even now when I get an order with improper details, I do not report it to fiverr or use the resolve issue button, cause I fear getting my perfect record ruined. Like I recently received a Job Offer on fiverr, it wasn’t for a gig, they wanted me to join their company! Don’t know why would they be recruiting on fiverr, I wasn’t going to contact them outside fiverr and risk getting my account banned. It seemed like spam so I didn’t responded and now my response rate has been declined to 80%, which isn’t just sad but mathematically inaccurate.