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What to do when you get a bad review

I got this customer who wanted me to copy and paste 1,000 images on microsoft word and make sure that they all have the same size of 2’ x 2"

That was the agreement, that was the gig.

After I have done the job he wanted me to add more things to it. Like add A1, A2, etc to each image.

I told I will try to do it, not sure if I can (If there’s a way please let me know).

Then I said to him I can’t do it and for the longest time he didn’t respond. The gig delivery time was up and I had to deliver the gig, my delivery rate was being affected.

I finish the job as we agreed and now out of the blue, he gives me a 2 star rating, saying he received a bad experience.

I’m disputing the gig but knowing how he is, he won’t do anything and just ignore it.

What can I do here? Customer Service won’t do anything.

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If customer service won’t do anything and you have explained to them that you had done everything the buyer had agreed on, you could rate your experience with the buyer just to give an explanation in the comments so people know that you had done everything originally agreed on etc. (I think it would be better if the rating experience could let you enter comments for an explanation without rating the buyer experience too but I don’t think it lets you. I’ve never actually rated that though).

After I have done the job he wanted me to add more things to it. Like add A1, A2, etc to each image.

You mean A1, A2 overlayed as part of the image (within the image)? I don’t know of any standard way. I’d search a bit on the web if I was asked, since I expect there’s probably ways/ to do it. Maybe Excel or something could be used (though I don’t know). But if I didn’t see a way I think I’d have a go writing a little program to do it (which would end up with 1000 different images).


Thanks. I will have to rate it before I can add my comment. I have done some research on how I can add the A1, A2, A3, ETC at the bottom of each image.

So far nothing.

I just hope this review doesn’t damage me. All my other jobs are 5 stars. Will this bad rating affect me?

I have done some research on how I can add the A1, A2, A3, ETC at the bottom of each image.

So far nothing.

Click the summary below for a bit of code that would do it:


In the Lazarus IDE (programming language thing) this would do it:
// (with 1 image control and 1 button placed on a form)

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var count1,count2: integer;

for count1:=0 to 1 do // this would be for the letters whatever number of different letters you would need (A, B etc.)
for count2:=1 to 20 do // this would be for the number after the letter (you’d use however many you’d want)
image1.picture.loadfromfile(‘test.bmp’); // the drive and directory and the file name of the source image would go here

  // you could set a specific font here
  image1.Canvas.textout(50,950,chr(count1+65)+inttostr(count2)); // first 2 figures are the coordinates (position in the image where you want the "A1" etc. to be displayed

  image1.Picture.SaveToFile('drive, directory and start of file name would go here-'+chr(count1+65)+inttostr(count2)+'.bmp'); // you could zero pad the output filename to make them sort better


That would give you an output of images in the directory specified with A1, A2, A3…B1, B2, B3… overlayed.

An alternative method could be to overlay it using something like Premiere or, probably better - After Effects. But it could be time consuming doing the letters bit for that (I expect there’s probably a better way of adding all the different letters in After Effects than copy-paste & edit etc. perhaps using scripts or something but I don’t know).

It might affect you a little, but I think since you’ve got so many other reviews it shouldn’t affect you too much.

Thanks. This code, where can I apply it? In microsoft word?

It sounds as if what your buyer was asking for was way beyond what your gig offered, therefore you didn’t agree to do it as part of the gig. Why would you have to learn programming when you’re offering image manipulation?

Contact CS via a ticket, under the heading ‘bad user behaviour’.

  1. your buyer wanted work which you didn’t offer as part of the gig, after you’d delivered the original, agreed upon work
  2. the buyer has rated you not on the work you did provide, but on the work you couldn’t provide, as it wasn’t part of the agreed gig

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I advice you rate him down too, and explain why you had that sentimental review from the buyer, so your clients and proposed clients can understand you render 100% quality job.

I expect you could do something similar with VBA in word but I don’t know how you’d do it. For this you’d have to install the Lazarus IDE and create a new application and replace the default “button click” code (which is automatically created when you double click on a button placed on a form) with the above code (with it changed slightly, eg. so where it says ‘file name here’ you’d put the actual file name)… You could do something similar in other more standard programming languages too. But also, it might be unlikely that other buyers would even want that done so it might be a waste of time.

Also like offlinehelpers said, you shouldn’t need to do this since the buyer asked for too much (if there’s not a standard way of doing it, he shouldn’t be asking for stuff which would need programming to do).

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Thanks. The gig was to copy and paste images on word and I told him that I couldn’t do what he asked after I finished the job

Thanks I will contact customer service

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This is a good opportunity for you to reply in a positive way on your review of the buyer. Whenever I look to buy anything, I always look at bad reviews first and see how the seller has responded. If the seller is aggressive then I personally would not want to work with them. If the seller kindly stated their opinion, then I will be way more inclined to go ahead and order.

I have bad reviews because customers are just being difficult and I reply in a positive way explaining why I have delivered a good job and also explain why I could not do the additional extra.

Anyone reading the review will then know that the buyer was just being difficult!


You should have offered an extra gig at the moment he requested More work. If yo delivered everything as you discussed before starting, and after that new request comes up and you consider is totally out of what you agreed to do, you have all the right to either: Not do it or propose new terms and a new quote.

Giving poor review and having abusive intentions is simply horrible and prove that the client is not professional at all and does not respect your work.

Is not about if you are able, or know how to do something; is about both parties understanding and respecting the agreement by doing what´s stated on the contract. In your case, you only had to copy and paste 1,000 images with the same size. Nothing else.

There´s not much to do now besides contacting support and crossing fingers everything gets solved.

If not, well…lesson learned! You´ll do better next time.

Thanks, if customer service won’t do anything I will do that. Thanks

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Thanks. I did tell him I will check it out and later I told that I can’t do it. There was no response from him at all until now with a bad review

Overall it doesn’t hurt, most of us have a few of those… If someone doesn’t have a 1 or 2 star rating, in my mind they haven’t done enough. Since you have 200+ reviews, a non-issue for you overall. (You still have a 5 star rating even after that review.)

I agree with @photoswatch. I rate them 5 stars even if they were a pain and/or rated me 1 or 2 stars. (I only have 1 star and 5 stars… someday that 2 star will arrive. :wink: )

THEN I explain what why they rated me low. Something like:

“Client requested additional work beyond the original gig, then rated me low because I wouldn’t do it free. A very nice buyer until I wouldn’t do the extra work for free.”

People see you are being reasonable, and not petty.

I respectfully disagree with @divideszero. I do NOT rate them low with the stars. I also make sure my response is professional and factual. Even if the buyer was rude, I do NOT respond in kind. Maybe in my mind I’d like to slap them, but it doesn’t help me or my future clients, so I simply let it go.

For perspective: I had 2500+ gigs without any 1 star ratings. Then I’ve had three or four in the last eight weeks. All were for the same reasons: I wouldn’t do free extra revisions for things where they changed their mind AFTER I delivered.

Worse, while I do a crazy number of $30-$200 gigs, all of my 1 star ratings were on $5 gigs except one at $10. Meaning the clients who purchased the smallest amounts. One guy even used my voice for his primary gig videos… then later claimed my quality was poor before giving me the bad review. (He simply wanted free work.)

It just goes with the territory of growing on Fiverr. Stand your ground and stay professional, non-emotional in your responses.

(I run it by my husband, and/or often sit on my response for a few hours or overnight to make sure I don’t say something over the top. I may write it, then copy it out to a scratch pad and wait a few hours before sending.)


Music to my ears… we’ve all been there and if you haven’t already, you will :slight_smile:

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