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What to do when you get ******* royally by a seller

so you bought something on fiverr and everything looks good and then a week later you get your business website taken down and lose your online business overnight due to the fiverr user KNOWINGLY!!! violating the terms and services. and the transaction is already though and he stopped responding. what do you do…

because it happened to me and now Im out the money and my online business.

Was this some kind of traffic gig? There aren’t many services that could have this kind of issue.

no it was website hosting. so my site can stay on the internet for another year. ive done it before no issues with other buyers but this guy i got a bunch of emails i never got before then i was banned soon after.

You can report that guy , Fiverr must have that option.

Contact Customer Support with this information in hand along with any documentation of what your site was like before and after the ban.

The seller would be in trouble too on a gig like that because its against Fiverr ToS. I don’t know why you got banned unless you have given the seller your contact info or paid him outside Fiverr due to his attempt to sell you a year.

Fiverr doesn’t allow anything to be sold here that is guaranteed past one month. You can try t inontact Customer Support with this information and see if they can help even though the gig wasn’t valid.