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What to do when your Gig is not a "Holidays Hot Cookie"

Most of us are getting in the Holiday mood these days, both sellers and clients alike. If you are like me, you want to both enjoy the Holiday spirit and some more time with your dear ones, but you are equally looking for keeping the action going on your gigs and offer quality services that convert.
So, what do you do when your gig is not “Rudolf the Red Nose” related and you see that your services decrease in demand due to Holidays’ new priorities?

These are the top 3 factors I count on to take my gigs through the Holidays spirit:

1 - Keep my bets on my core skills and related gigs - I do not completely reinvent my gigs to just go with the flow and offer services that are just “in fashion” during the Holidays. It is very tempting to invent a new gig on creating greeting cards all of a sudden as you might imagine that anyone can write a “Merry Christmas” on a piece of paper, but I believe that just takes the focus away from your core competencies and offering something that is just fashionable but you did not invest enough time and effort to be able o deliver it at a level of excellence will not bring any benefits on the long term. Moreso, offering something that you are not great at is more likely to turn into negative feedback and reviews and decrease significantly the trust your clients have in you.

2 - Focus on those services and clients that most need my services during the Season. Think about who needs you the most during this period, what services that you offer are more valuable now and focus all energy on those ones by promoting them, sharing them, offering them in buyer requests and upselling them with your existing clients. It can be both for immediate service, but it can be as well a preparation for future use. For example, I do offer crowdfunding consulting and management to my clients. While they might not launch a crowdfunding project on Christmas Eve, they will highly benefit from pre-launch hype creation, engaging potential backers and growing their project awareness during December time so they are among the first who launch successfully their project in January and start the year powerfully.

3 - Do not push for offering something of less value just to get the order. Most of the time offering to the “right” one client will pay off much more than selling many low-value services. That also means that those clients have more chances to become a returning client or recommend you to other clients.

These are my top 3 Holidays Spirit tips, curious to hear which are yours?

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