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What to do when your sales stall?

Hello everyone,

I have been a member of Fiverr for one year now. I’ve managed to make a bit of much needed money. I have just over a hundred sales and 76 positive reviews with just one negative one. I have enjoyed working on my gig but lately it seems to have stalled and I am not getting any new orders despite some glowing reviews. Anyone have any ideas for getting a gig that seems stalled going? I have tried revamping my gig a bit…

Hello, I love your picture!

I think that’s a long time to wait to respond, 14 hours! My response time is 3 hours on average. I would pass over a seller who doesn’t respond for 14 hours.

It sounds tedious to me to count out 1000 words or 2000 words but maybe a program does that? Just my thoughts. I’m not sure how else you could word that though.

I would add at least one more related gig, or even just another of the same gig with different picture and description, just to make it appear you have more of a presence on Fiverr. You also may get more sales due to having more exposure.

Thank you misscrystal. I actually googled images of writers for the right picture for my gig and found it. I knew it looked like it was an ancient one. I actually discovered after I started using it that it is an image from Pompeii. It was preserved on a wall and is apparently the image of a wife of a prominent merchant!

I like your suggestion of adding a couple of more gigs and I am going to put some thought into crafting thoses.

As kjblynx observed, Word does give you a word count on documents. I actually just went by word because, from what I observed before creating my gig, most of the writing gigs seemed set up by word count. I am going to think about trying out a different way for a new gig though.

I do agree with you about the response time. I really try but my financial situation is such that I work two part-time jobs as well as making extra money from my gig. I can’t access a computer and get on Fiverr at either of my jobs. That has really created a problem with my response time. Particularly when I have to work at both jobs for a day or two days in a row. I am going to keep trying to bring that response time down though. I think it is hurting me, even though some of my comments actually contain praise for my quick response.

Thank you for your response. It always helps to have feedback from a fresh set of eyes!

Oh yes now I see the word count, never looked at that before.

I have the 2010 version of Microsoft Office. All of my Word documents display the word count at the bottom of the screen when I am writing/editing. That is how I keep track of the word count when I am working on my gig assignments. Also, when I go to the Review tab at the top of the screen of a Word document, there is a button that allows me to get a word count.

Just think about another gig, having more then one gig gives you more chances of earning money

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Thanks mimie01. I am going to do that.

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