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What to do when you're free?

Hello guys! My purpose of asking this question is that when WE delivered our orders and sent our new buyer requests and we have spare time now. Because May be Sometimes it take 2,3 days for a new order for a new seller. Then what we need to do in this time? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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My suggestion to the free time you have is to keep improving your Gig. Better description, better videos, maybe do some discounts to get more people and advertise it more on Social Media.
Just keep improving and advertising.

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CAN you or anyone review my profile and gigs here? Thanks!

You will need to make a new post under the category “Improve My Gig” if you want others to look at your gig and make suggestions.


okay. Thank you so much!

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I believe it is a very good start to receive an order every couple of days when you are new. Imagine having to get yourself accustomed to how fiverr works in practice AND having to deal with 4-5 orders every day! So at this moment focus on making the best possible impression with every single delivery.
In your free time, don’t neglect your needs: take sometime off your pc to recharge and spend time with people around you. I can imagine how enthousiastic we all are at the beginning of freelancing and it is not difficult to find ourselves spending too many hours in front of a computer searching up, noting down ideas and new concepts and so forth. But if I were you, I would limit “working hours” to 3-4 max daily when I do not deal with orders so as to answer any possible inquiries, check buyer requests and maybe do an in depth keyword research that would help my offers stand a better chance.
Other things you could do is to tweak your gig descriptions, add some common FAQs if you haven’t already and so on. But don’t end up spending ALL your time everyday online, you need to save energy for the days to come.

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Thank you so much your wrote everything valid here. Appreciate your effort that you typed that much long reply. Thank you again @psychic_diva

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No problem, best of luck!

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If you a developer, so try to improve your code
Better code == better solution :sunglasses:

Good luck, @ aliwpwebleader

Thank you
Best Ian

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