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What to do which such an unfair negative review?


What happened is that someone ordered my gig, received the logo files , did not make any request and then left a totally negative review with the comment " NoNoNoNoNo", and doesnt respond to any of my messages.
Fiverr support says : Thank you for contacting us about this. Unfortunately, we cannot remove the feedback on this order for you. When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.

Now , if they take very seriously buyers opinion, that opinion should be fair and have some arguments : Like i didnt like the designs etc. If this doesnt happen the rating system is not fair and is open to manipulation.

Also i think Fiverr implement a buyer rating like the one sellers have. That would protect buyers from issues like that by for example not accepting orders from people with a very low rating .
Any thoughts ?


Could you please post what you sent him?


I asked politely if he had any issues with the order and what caused the bad review, but he never replied!


I would love to see what you sent him. It’s a strange review.


In reply to the review, put your argument supporting your side


That’s very strange. I wonder if it was another seller with the same service as you… check out their profile and see who they are! I feel like no buyer would do something so childish without being provoked or the order going terribly wrong? Did they tell you at all that they didn’t like the logo?


Oh my god, it really DOES say nonono.
What is he, a 5 year old???

Maybe you should try contacting the buyer and ask what is it that he hated so much.
I’d like to see the logo too, I’m curious.


Thanks for the responses,
To anyone who would like to see the logos i sent : I think you are missing the point, since what someone likes is relative, there is no point in posting them .
I will accept any negative review that has some arguments.
The point of this post is that : there should be a way that when receiving a negative review from a buyer that behaves like a child and as a result, hurts your business , that sellers could be protected from this kind of buyers. At the moment fiverr does not protect the sellers in the above scenario and will be in favor of the buyer all the times.


Agreed. :slightly_smiling_face:

That would take up a great deal of CS time to differentiate between fair and unfair reviews, which it seems they no longer do.


Welcome to the world of business - sometimes clients do weird and annoying things.
Best thing to do is just move on from it; leave a review with a polite “Client did not request any revisions or give any feedback about the design” but aside from that just forget about it.


Already done that :slight_smile:


Can I ask why you dont use a live portfolio to show completed jobs?
That way, people can see what you did for clients and ensures that even if a client leaves a nonsense review, people can at least see what you did and know that you didnt send them rubbish.


You are correct about this, but with so many people copying designs that would not be wise.


That’s an interesting mentality.
When looking for graphic work, I ignore the seller’s uploaded portfolio and only look at the live portfolio - if I came across your gig I would skip it and move to the next one.


I agree that a live portfolio would show others that you are a great logo designer and also that this buyer’s review is nonsense and that you gave him a great logo.

I wanted to see it because of the review and I’m sure others would be curious also what would make someone leave a review like that.

At this point, all I can wonder about is if it was so bad it made him react that way.

It gives the impression that he got such a shockingly awful logo that he had a gut impulse reaction like that.


I don’t totally agree or disagree with that. I can have many arguments why having a live portfolio can be bad. The buyer can check the reviews and the comments and as well the fiverr portfolio and make his choice. But as i said, the point is how to protect yourself from a bad buyer mentality.


Thanks for saying what I felt was a little harsh. I’m sure others think the same.

And the answer is to use a live portfolio so people can make up their own mind about whether a review is accurate or not. Pictures, thousand words, etc


I am dying of curiosity about that logo he got! Let’s see it! Is it horrible?



The main issue i have with that is the following scenario. I sell to someone the package of $95. The logo goes to live portfolio , someone likes it goes to a $5 designer ask him to copy the design and uses the logo.
The 1st person comes across the copied design and asks me to explain what happened …


Then you say no to the $5 buyer and explain that the logo they are looking at has already been sold…