What to do with abusive buyers?


I want to share this experience i had that just happened to me and that makes me really mad.

I’ve being ask to do a logo and i did it as usual, my gig rules clearly state i only deliver black, white or 2 versions in color, but at the end i can only deliver 2 versions. This client ordered a logo and he rejected the job asking me to do 5 more color options all for the same price with i agreed as i already had the design (how could i deny to do this or increase the price without affecting your final rate?), i got a little upset as this was not mentioned before and if she did i would of work this order as a CUSTOM offer…at the end i delivered the files in 4 file formats and 5 colors…she rejected the work again asking me to do each part of the logo separated! (icon, text and tagline) in each color for a total of 48 files. Of course i denied to this abusive behavior and refunded the order as this kind of buyers keep coming again for more, so i prefer to cancel to have more orders from buyers like this.

How we can stop this? we as buyers have to bite our knuckles and give a good rate even when some people do not deserve this, if we don’t do this we are victims of retaliation when they can change the rate easily. Once i had a client that keep ordering and canceling inmediatly to increase my cancelation rate.

I wish we can be warned about this kind of users, but this is not allowed here and it is funny how our rates and reviews are exposed as sellers but not as customers, this could be a good idea to get rid of these buyers and protect the sellers community as the buyers are.

I am sure i am not the only having bad experiences here…of couse i have a lot of great experiences here too, but i would love fiverr could take more care on us as sellers as we are as important as customers, anyone can get frustrated and give up even when you love what you do.


Learn to say no the first time they cross the line and want more than is in the gig description. Say it very nicely, but say it! That’s how you stop it, there is no other way.


Learn to accept that you will always get the odd idiot. The important thing is to not let it effect your feedback and also realise that the majority of buyers here are good people. Make your gigs really clear on what you offer and do and do not do. Good luck x


Í do interior decorating (don’t confused it with interior design) and i think we need protection against customers abusing us. We need to have customer support evaluate these situations!

I have just done a custom order for a mood-board, for was for three rooms, Living&Dining/Bedroom/Kitchen. This was all based on the $20 gig i do for one room but i still discounted it to $55) It was for visual only mood-board. But i said i would give a few extra tips, and he also requested where to buy the items (so basically a shopping list… i agreed…) It was for a small apartment also so a lot of thought needs to go into it for space saving ideas too. And i clearly stated this is a mood-board with lighting help, flooring help, furniture suggestions with colour swatch and accessories. The gig takes about 6-8 hours to do… then he wanted a revision with floor-plans or 3d rended work. I don’t do that. and he was some what rude about it… Clearly states - mood-boards. But i did add his floor plans and even gave him two options for each room. Overall this was over 12 hours work and for less than $40 in pocket! This alone would have cost several hundred dollars from other online interior decorators/designers.

We really need protection from this… i can’t afford a bad rating and i always go above and beyond for my gigs! This is so unfair!


It just happened a few minutes ago. Why are they so rude? First he requested a recording of 500 words for 5$ ONLY!! A recording session takes a lot, specially when correcting pronunciation and other fixes. Then he proceeded to critic my recording samples from my gig’s description (on the very first message he sends me) saying they had background noises, that my voice and pronunciation weren’t clear and overall that my work was bad quality. Then proceeds to ask for a free sample…

That’s when it pissed me off. I can take the critic, i can ignore the fact that he wanted to pay 5$ and request the highest quality possible in no time. But he comes with all that and still request for a free sample?

I went to his profile, he only has one gig, he offers a redesign for flash games in 600$. I most say this guy is a joke. He takes games (flash games!) that are already made and mock them. I’m sorry but that’s piracy.

So there you go. That’s how my week started.

Oh by the way, he started to try and make me feel less because i don’t speak native english… Of course i don’t!!! I’m from Latin America, it shows on my profile! At least i can speak english better than he writes it.