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What to do with buyers that never leave feedback

When I first came to fiverr, I made the mistake of never delivering an order and therefore got a bad review as a result. After carefully giving much thought to different ways to optimize my profile and my gigs, I decided to come back and take the bull by the horns. It’s been good so far and I’m pretty close to the Level 2 landmark which will be a big deal for me and my girlfriend since we’ve worked hard on our gigs to make it happen.

It gnaws at me that buyers don’t leave reviews though. I’ve had buyers who’ve even ushered me to deliver their work days before my deadline and still, when I finally deliver, they just don’t say anything.

I’ve even been able to see that some of them are in fact using the work I delivered as I’ve found it published online on their websites or personal blogs. That tells me they were satisfied with it enough to use it, right? So why not give your poor seller a review, mate? WHY?

I don’t understand what’s the point of leaving your seller hanging specially if you got what you paid for. The case that irks me the most is with my translations gig, I’ve actually delivered over 10 translations but only have 4 reviews to show for it. It really doesn’t helps the sales if buyers think “oh she’s only sold 4…better look for another seller”

I haven’t had issues with any of these buyers, they’ve never come back to threat me with a bad review if I don’t change something and I always remind them they have unlimited revisions… .____.

No one is leaving you hanging. Not all buyers leave reviews, it’s pretty normal.

Think about it, do you write a review every single restaurant you have ever eaten at on Yelp?

Plus some buyers just want to buy their stuff, leave the store and go home, they are not here to participate in “community” of any kind, just get their services and go home.

the other thing is, it still shows under the yellow dot above your gig how many orders.

The clients I have gotten are exactly like that. Fiverr is getting run over by these sort of beasts. They eat all the resources and leave the environment damaged.

I never delivered a late gig, always early. I gave discounts for those who wanted multiple images and allowed them to use it for their website as long as I keep the rights to the originals and get credit. I Spent untold amounts of time on each image and was forced into free modifications to make them happy.

When I finally worked up the courage to politely ask them to review my work, they ignored it and disappeared off the face of earth.

If you’re going to milk a seller for all they’re worth at least have the courtesy to give them a review.

I’ve put myself on vacation mode to revamp all my gigs because of these abusive buyers.

I honestly don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about them. The best thing I could do is remind them to review a few days after the receive the final.

Yup, that’s completely true. A lot of people just want to get in and get out. Although, the lack of reviews does hurt the image of your gigs.

You have a point but a restaurant doesn’t depends extensively on Yelp reviews to have a successful business so it’s really not a very good comparison. There’s many ways in which a business such as a restaurant can build a reputation and have a presence that goes beyond a few reviews on Yelp.

Fiverr sellers only have reviews to speak for them. You can do all you want and revamp your strategies and gigs as much as you want, if you don’t have the reviews to back you up, most sellers will walk away and buy from the seller with most reviews. Sure, you can build a reputation outside of Fiverr but not every single seller comes to your profile because they saw your promotion elsewhere.

I don’t really think leaving a review has much to do with participating or being a part of a community, its not like a buyer’s reviews show up on their profile or anything of the sort and its not like they have to write 250 words, just a simple thank you will suffice.

The yellow dots reference your rating and it only shows how many reviews you’ve had not how many sales you’ve made.

This is why it bugs me so much. You’re forced to sell your services at the starting price of $5 and that generally only attracts the buyers who want work that is worth over $10/hr for $5. As a seller, you agree to these terms and to sell the best quality work, try to up-sell and go with the flow.

The least a buyer can do if they got more for less, is leave a simple review.

When you send the completed gig ask them to leave a review in the message and explain why this is important and hopefully this will help. I have the same problem here and on ebay I know its fustrating


Yes, that is true, a restaurant doesn’t depend on Yelp reviews, but you have to remember that as a buyer, many buyers do not know that.

Also as for that “community” part, first, not all buyers know that a review does not show up on your profile and some people do not want their profile being shown on your page. So if they leave a review their review is public, not everyone wants that.

And some buyers just go into the store, get what they need and leave. Expecting a buyer to give a thank you every gig they buy, it’s just not going to happen. That would be the aspect of “community” I am talking about. That would be like the restaurant having someone with an iPAd at the door saying, juts write a quick thank you and put some star ratings. :slight_smile:

Ok, so the yellow dot is only reviews, that’s part of being in any business…you have to build your business. Clearly you have some reviews and yellow dots and got jobs even when you had less gigs/dots so over time you will build up more and more.

I agree, and think this is a good tactic…at the end of your delivery message, after you sign your name you can ask them if they are happy with your work to rate it as ratings help you do better.

You can’t do more than that. If this really bothers people, then they should try also freelancing on their own website so they can really get higher paying clients and develop more professional relationships however any sellers wants them to exist.

I am a buyer and have only used Fiverr a few times so far. However, each one of the sellers delivered their work as advertised and each time I received the confirmation of the completed gig, at the end was an automatic added part to leave feedback!
Each and every time I took the couple of minutes to complete the feedback part.
It is a normal courtesy to do so for me.
However, as a new author I have the same problems of people buying and reading my books, yet never leaving any reviews, even if politely asked for it. I do understand your frustration about it very much and am a little surprised that the same happens to sellers here on Fiverr…
Good luck to all of you who do an excellent job with your gigs!

Hi - can anyone explain to me how to leave feedback without an image of the work done for me appearing? I have a client who asked me to get a series of different logos done as part of the work I am doing with him. He will only choose one and he does not want the other logos displayed on the web so I am stuck about how to give feedback to the others who also did great jobs and deserve to get feedback
Looking forward to your thoughts! (Fiverr support is next stop :))