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What to do with buyers who don't add any information


This is the second time. Buyers ordered my gig but did not filled any information. About what to do etc nothing, Now what i should do ? even i go and inbox them but they don’t respond. :confused:


There is the “nudge” feature in the order itself. Make sure that in the gig, you have the box filled in with which information you need. This is sent to the buyer when they first order, and also when you nudge them. After I nudge a customer, if they don’t respond within 24 hours, then I request a mutual cancellation. If they don’t respond to that, then the order automatically cancels within 3 days.



I checked out your gigs and I would highly recommend some sort of statement that says something like " Please include a detailed description of what your are looking for so I can provide you with a product that meets your needs" not necessarily THAT specific statement, but something along those lines so buyers know they need to provide you with specifics :slight_smile:


Hi @daniyalhussain, just to add to the advice of @webtelly and @jenniscott, I’d also recommend adding some specific requests in the “Instructions to Buyer” section that will pop up on your Buyer’s screen once they place an order with you.

Welcome and best of luck here!


Thank you all. :slight_smile: Yeah i will fix it.


Some buyer are like that, all i do is to click nudge button and if they dont respond i will send them mail.