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What to do with custom offers?

I was looking through the forums trying to find tips on how to get a good amount of buyers and noticed some people were saying most of their sales came from custom offers. What they did not say is how they sent them out. So where should new sellers send their custom offers? Should they be sent to just anyone and everyone or only to people that post requests similar to what your gig offers?

Sending them to anyone and everyone is a fast track to a banned account. Send them only to buyers who contact you first. You can send them based a requests that you can really deliver. Anything else is plain spam.

In the buyer’s request section only send them to buyers who have a request similar to what your gig offers. There would be no reason anyway to send them to just everyone since none of those people would even want your service.

Aside from buyer’s requests section, you may only send a custom offer if a buyer has first sent a question about your gig to your message inbox as fonthaunt said.

Ok thank you for letting me know.

Ya makes sense. Thank you for replying.

These are only for whenever you have dialog with a customer and they request something like a price (could be a default gig price, or something specific which may be a little higher). In that Inbox message, you will see a button (next to the Send button) that says “Create an Offer.” This will give you the option to create a particular quote (price, delivery date, extras, etc.) to match what the customer is requesting, with your own specifics as to duration and special price.

*This is not something to get you more orders. It is a feature for sending an offer to a potential customer who just happens to need something a little more or a little different than the default gig offering. (Or also for lazy customers who just want to click 'Accept" to start their order.).

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Sometimes some buyers who contact me on private message don’t know how to order or simply find it easier to receive a custom order and just accept it. I only used it when the buyer asked me to send one.

Sometime Clients Want to discuss with you about your service and what they need - we know it is as ‘Custom Offer Requested’

Suppose,client discussed with you in message about what he need and both of you agreed at price 114$. Then,you have to create an offer for client as he can pay you,which is known as ‘Custom Offer’

You can response to buyer wants from buyer request section - all sellers should send responses to only their service related buyer requests

As a creative writer, people have often reached out to me with requests that are outside of my actual gig description, but which often fit perfectly with my skill set. Ironically, my most popular gig is probably split half/half between people ordering the gig as it was set-up vs those that have ordered it (or where I’ve sent them a custom offer) for something similar. I love that buyers are willing to ask, especially about jobs that really don’t seem to fit the normal gigs they’ve found. Those are often my most fun jobs.

So, similar to what was mentioned above, if a buyer contacts you you can use the Send Custom Gig option to send something to suite their specific request. As well, I’ve often browsed through the Buyer Requests section and bid on jobs there. You are often saving them time from browsing through countless versions of the same gig by reaching out to them in that way.

Perfect answer, misscrystal. That’s where I’ve been using custom offers the most - finding a Buyer Request that fits me, and making an offer.

Yes I think you are referring to the custom requests section.

Many buyers have great success by searching through the custom request section and sending out offers that way.

This can be a quick way to get your first few orders and get the ball rolling. Just remember that once you get a customer you should treat them like GOLD.

Really go over the top to WOW them into wanting to order again and tell everyone how awesome you are.

But don’t just rely on custom requests to get the ball rolling. As with any business (you are treating this as a business right?) you should be doing your own promoting as well!