What to do with my gigs?


I have two active gigs.

I will do data entry accurately

I will do web research accurately

They were very useful to get me orders. But since November suddenly they start to loose views and clicks. Not getting orders or texts from new buyers also. I don’t know what’s going on and what should I do. I have contacted with Fiverr help support. But they are saying that my gigs are totally fine with their platform. I just changed cover photos of them once.

Please, help me out with this issue.


What are you doing to promote your gigs? Are you doing any marketing?


Sometimes I share them to Google+ and Facebook. Nothing else.


Promote! Promote!! Promote!!!

Once you setup your gig making sure the following are properly set.

• Description
•Gig Images
•Gig Price and extras

The next move is to promote on Social media i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. I highly recommend posting your gig link in Business/Freelance oriented Facebook groups or end of blog posts, that’s if you own a blog.

Hopefully sales would start flowing in. That’s how I promote my Gigs so I am giving you first hand information.

Goodluck in your endeavors!


That’s not really targeted marketing though. That’s just sharing links on social media sites. What about writing blogs about your services, purchasing advertising, promoting your services where your customers are located? Have you considered these marketing methods?


Thank you for your information.


No, I have never considered them. I thought social media marketing would be enough. Thank you for your tips.


Success is only earned through hard work. As much as we may not like to hear that, it is how the world works. No one has gotten anywhere by sitting still and expecting life to come to them. Get out there, get active… work hard to build the success you seek.

Good luck.