What to do with outside contact for my gigs


My gigs are about domains, hosting and WordPress…I have been getting way too many people adding me on Skype (I add anyone that requests it). What the heck should I put so these people.
“you can keep more money, keep fiverr’s commission” and so forth.

I say on the videos “exclusively on Fiverr.com” just like so many other sellers.

Should I put it on the gig description? “Don’t contact me outside Fiverr”

What about something like “If you contact me outside Fiverr, minimum price is $2,000”

Edit: I have no plans of doing Fiverr gigs outside Fiverr, if you want me to do something from my Fiverr gigs, then it’s Fiverr".


Please comply with Fiverr ToS when contacting me?


Any and all requests for doing business outside of Fiverr will be reported to Customer Support?


but but but,…, my $2,000 minimum price is so awesome.


It may be awesome, but putting it in your gig description could get you in trouble.


I say the $2,000 on Skype not on here.

If someone wants to pay me $2,000 for something I charge under $100. I am ok with it., :grin: