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What to do with this buyer? Please help me

A buyer contacted me before a few days ago as I sent an offer to him for making landing page. I replied him about making a landing page. He replied me if I could make a flyer. As I replied in the affirmative he asked me to make one for him. I made one and sent some screenshot of that. He wanted some correction. I did that. Now I am sending him messages but he is saying “I am busy. I will take with you later.” He has been doing it since yesterday. He is not becoming active too much as well.
What do you think? Will he buy that from me? Please tell me what to do in this condition.
If there is any grammatical error, I am really sorry.
Thanking you,
Mahfuz Saim

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Did you send this to the buyer without him placing an order? You should never start work without an order being placed first, because you have absolutely no options if a buyer just takes your design and vanishes.


I sent him low quality images

It’s possible he won’t use them then, or he might use them as a base for a design. He might surprise you and place the order, but he might not. It’s hard to say.

If he is a reseller, he might be showing it to the end client to see if they want to hire you or not. What I would do is not message him (you do not have an open order, so he could just mark it as spam or block you if he gets annoyed) and wait to see if he responds. If he places the order, awesome! If he doesn’t, just remember this next time someone wants a custom sample.

I don’t have any experience in design, I write, but when I have a buyer that really wants a custom sample we work out a small bit of work (like one product description) for a small price. That way you get paid for your time making the sample and the buyer has an idea of what your designs look like. I’m not sure how it would work in your niche, but I’m sure you could find a way to do something similar.

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Do not do any work at all unless he places an order first. He is not a buyer. A buyer is someone who has placed an order.

Here is the process you must use:

  1. He places an order.

  2. You do the job.

  3. You deliver the job using the delivery button.

Always do it in this order.



Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I will keep them in mind

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Hi @mahfuzsaim9 stop there and do not send anymore messages. Create a custom offer and send it to him and mention that you are willing to do the job and he has to place the order first to get it done and wait. If he’s really a buyer, he’ll accept.

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Sir, I have done it before your syaing. Thanks for your opinion