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What to do with this one?


I have a gig that’s meant to promote visual content on social media accounts.
The $5, basic package of this gig is cookie cutter work; I throw the clients’ images into my template. I explicitly say so in the gig’s description. Now I have a buyer who bought the basic package and - after many hours - sent a random jumble of pictures and banners (and banners of banners), all of which are already promotional in nature. Many contain text no one will be able to read in the video.

… it just doesn’t make sense.

Do I shrug and roll with it? Brace myself for the “We’ve got news about your order” when she will have realised, too, that it doesn’t make sense? Ooor do I communicate these issues - and here’s the catch - with a buyer who has not communicated one single word with me, who barely managed to send required files and ignored one requirement about these files?


Open a dialogue with buyer by opening a dispute for “Delivery Extension”, if the gig really matters to you.

Else, show her the door by showing your gig description.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Try the resolution center and request for more information to be uploaded on your order. Request him to order extra items if it’s actually necessary for the purpose of this service. You can also try sending him/her a message and request for more info and explain why. Alternatively, you can just roll with what you have and deliver something to your client.

But if you feel that the buyer could be someone that is too demanding, cancel the order and refund him the $5.